Google Now Updates With Reminders And New Information Cards

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The team at Google has kept its word and just a few hours after submitting Google I/O, and you can enjoy the improvements in some of its applications. This is the case of Google Now, the search assistant that is included in the application Google Search for terminals with Android 4.0 (and higher) and also iPhone. Of course, by now the novelties presented yesterday only reach the Google platform, which already can enjoy some of them.

This is the case of Google Now, the search assistant that is included in the application Google Search for terminals with Android 4

In this new version of Google search, we found a wizard searches smarter and more useful. This is possible thanks to the introduction of reminders in Google Now. With them you can set alarms or notifications to alert the user to any question you need. A mere alarm, nothing further. Keeping his philosophy of passive assistant, these notifications to alert the user when needed based on their actions, queries and requests for it.

Thus, it is now possible to ask Google Now that reminds the user to throw away when you get home, for example. This will create an alarm with several additional keys of alarms on common clock. For example, set the home place as a trigger for that launch the reminder. These alarms also can be configured as slots and different days that will have its own menu in Setting.

The new version of Google Search and Google Now can be downloaded via Google Play completely free

Another strong point of this update is the updated information and actual public transportation. A function which displays the departure times of the next trains, buses and trams as search target that you want to go. Another question that for now only available in some U.S. cities but that is really helpful to have updated information without having to look it.

Finally we should mention the new flyer made for a few hours. On this occasion intended to show information of interest to the user related to leisure. Specifically show the next discs that are coming to market, the books that are to be sold, the TV shows that are still brand new or upcoming games that will land in stores and that are related to the user’s taste, either for seeking information about them, having published or given to +1 in a publication on Google+, etc.. Issues that can be alerted without any concrete action, for additional information regarding searches.

In short, a change in the system searches where Google continues to develop and improve their ideas. The ideas are most appealing and useful while it is inevitable comparisons with the competition and see how Siri the voice wizard of Apple and performs many of these tasks in a more interactive. Of course, there are different tools for different uses. The new version of Google Search: Google Now can be downloaded via Google Play completely free.

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