Google Play has more than 700000 applications

Barely a week ago it is Apple who announced having passed the 700 000 applications available. Google does not disassemble and announces in turn have exceeded 700,000 downloadable applications for the Android system.

Google Play have more than 700,000 applications

While Google presented yesterday its new Nexus range that the firm has designed in partnership with different brands of Hardware, the true force products remains in their OS, more stable, powerful, and rich applications. This game, Apple has long been a leader with a bloated number of applications.
But the tide seems to be turning and now Android has to match iOS in terms of available applications. Users of both systems can now enjoy more than 700,000 free and paid apps on Google Play. In addition, Android is now very full and rich functionality.

The change takes place and we know that Android is experiencing impressive growth. The evidence, Google Play had 600,000 applications last June! Apple long referred to the stability and the richness of his bones as an argument to justify its high prices, but this argument now seems to lose steam, and Apple will undergo hit aggressive price competition combined with a still more rich Android system.