make a backup of the device through iTunes

How to make a backup of your iPhone or iPad

If you are avid user of iPhone or iPad, then it is very probably need a lot of vital information stored in the device. Information which is likely not want to lose. That’s why I have a backup of the information of iPhone and iPad is so important. We will teach two quick ways with which they can make a backup of your device through your computer.

Copy Security with iCloud

To back wireless security directly from the device, you need an account in iCloud. Once you are connected to iCloud, make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network – do not perform a backup through mobile data network. After you have done this, simply press in Settings> iCloud> Storage & Back up, activate the copy option security of iCloud, and press “Backup Now”.

make a backup of the device through iTunes

This creates a manual backup of your iPhone or iPad at any time. Also, when iCloud Backup is enabled, the device automatically backup at any time it is plugged, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.

Backup with iTunes

But if you want a local backup on your computer, you can also make a backup of the device through iTunes. Just connect your phone to your computer (or using the Wi-Fi Sync) and open iTunes.

Once iTunes is open, click the Devices menu, select your iPhone, and scroll down in the Summary section of your backups. There, under Backup Manual, click Backup Now.

Here is also where you can change your backups for do only a backup through iTunes, but if you have an account of iCloud, we recommend do backups on both places.