How to completely remove the lock screen on Android smartphone

In today’s guide we explained how to completely remove the lock screen on Android smartphone by following a simple procedure.

If you are seriously thinking about deleting the fingerprint, pattern, password or code that you have got to set up to unlock the display or other existing methods, then below we invite you to continue reading to find out how to do it on Android .

completely remove the lock screen on Android smartphone

The first of the most essential of all is to know your password , sign, code or any other method that you have configured to eliminate the lock screen.

Eliminating the lock screen is very simple, here are the instructions to follow:
Open the settings of your Android smartphone and select the security item;

Depending on the unlocking method you have selected, you will have to choose the wording none or remove the check mark on the unlocking option based on your terminal. Among the methods that you may find on your device stand out: Face Unlock , Fingerprint, password and code;

When you click on none or remove the check, you will be asked for the code or any unlocking method that you have previously set so as to verify that only those who are really aware of the code are able to perform this operation;

Once the correct code has been entered, you can immediately verify that the lock screen will no longer be there by simply switching off the display and immediately reactivating it.


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