How to deal bootloop Android firmware without data lost

As mentioned already in the guide “how to solve bootloop Android after installing a custom rom”, the procedure today we will see how to find the solution of the problem of blocking the smartphone or tablet on duty, after the initial start of the animation, in If the firmware is original with recovery and if you have an original firmware, but without recovery and without root.

Let’s start with how to solve bootloop Android in the case of original firmware with recovery .

solve bootloop Android: how to act with firmware with and without recovery
Premise: if you have a recovery installed, you may also use it to install (even temporarily) a custom rom and then continue with these steps:

STEP 1 : download a custom rom. On XDA they are to be found in abundance

STEP 2 : launch the device in recovery and enable the ” MountUSB storage “. Connect your smartphone or Android tablet to your computer with the included USB cable

STEP 3 : At this point, you should see the memory of the mobile device connected. Therefore, copy the custom rom in memory

STEP 4 : Finally, we just have to do is perform a full wipe (dalvik, data, cache, system)
How to act if the original firmware is no recovery and no root ? You must necessarily use Odin is the simple solution to flash the original firmware manually. The steps to follow are the following:

 how to solve bootloop Android after installing a custom rom

STEP 1 : connected on the website and register for free

STEP 2 : download the firmware

STEP 3 : download of Odin , bearing in mind that the version depends on the device in use

STEP 4 : start your Android device into download mode. Then open Odin and loads the firmware, most in the form tar and available in ” PDA “. Lends only to leave the settings

STEP 5 : Now what to do is start the process of assembling the system and partitions

STEP 6 : watch the end of the procedure. The message ” Pass “indicates that everything went the right way

STEP 7 : Finally, the device will reboot.