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How to format, reset and restart an LG G7 ThinkQ

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LG G7 ThinkQ is a mobile phone that usually gives very good results

Do you need to format the LG G7 ThinkQ and leave it to factory mode? The G7 ThinkQ of LG is a mobile phone that usually gives very good results. But there are times when it takes a while to use, you can start giving the first problems.

If it’s your case, maybe it’s time to reset to factory mode . In this way, you can have it again like when you took it out of the box. And in this way, in principle, it should work correctly again. We’re going to show you all the available methods to do it.

How to format a LG G7 ThinkQ, restart and reset to factory mode

Soft Reset – forced restart

If the problem is that this LG mobile has been left hanging, maybe it is not necessary to be so drastic. When you return the smartphone to factory values ??you will lose everything you have in it, so it’s easy to not feel too much.

Therefore, you can first try to do soft reset. The soft reset is nothing more than a forced restart, which can be the solution if your problem is not continuous, but simply something punctual.

How to reset LG G7 ThinkQ

To do soft reset you only have to leave the power button pressed for a few seconds, between 5 and 10. Once done, the phone will have been rebooted and will be in operation again.

Reset the LG G7 using the Settings menu

If your LG phone, even if it does not work as well as it should, allows you to access the menus normally. This is probably the most convenient method to return your phone to factory mode.

Remember that all the data you have on your mobile will be lost, so it is important to make a backup beforehand .

The steps you must follow for this are the following:

Make sure the phone is on.
Enter Settings
Click on General.
And then in Backup & Reset.
Choose Return to factory values.
Reset phone.
A message will appear indicating that all data will be deleted. Click on OK and the process will have begun.

How to reset LG G7 ThinkQ factory mode

Format an LG G7 ThinkQ through buttons, menu Recovery – Hard reset
If your phone does not even allow you to access the menu, you can return it to the factory settings using the Recovery menu:

Make sure the mobile is off.

Press the buttons to turn on and lower volume for a few seconds.
When the LG logo appears, release the power button, keep the volume down and press the power button again.
Release all buttons when the Factory Data Reset menu appears.
Select the Yes option by moving with the volume buttons and select with the power button.
Have you ever needed formateart an LG G7 ThinkQ to factory mode? Which of these methods have you found most indicated?

How to reset LG G7 ThinkQ

We invite you to go through the comments section that you will find a little below and tell us your experience with this situation. If it has been successful, it will also be useful to know that this post has been useful.

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