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How to remove a virus from Android smartphone or tablet

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If you are afraid that your Android smartphone or tablet has been infected by a virus, do not worry. The removal of the threat is really easy to be running in a few steps, just follow this guide.

First of all, you have to make things clear. It really hard that a device Android is infected with a virus. Much more likely, however, is the presence of invasive ads that invite you to download and install an application determines because “the device is infected,” or perhaps the smartphone is only behaving badly because of some application or to the memory overfull. Viruses on Android, however, exist: they are rare, but there are. And so here’s a handy guide to prevent infection and to eliminate it .

How to avoid being infected by a virus on Android
Open the Settings, and navigate to the application table
All viruses on Android usually manage to penetrate the system via an installed application, so if your device has not yet been infected, the easiest way to avoid viruses is to install more secure applications from the Play Store.

Recently there has been talk of a virus called Gunpoder , which could infect a device Android through the installation of an emulator of Nintendo outside of Google Play Store. The discovery, made ??by Palo Alto Network, has been alarmed consumers. Although the virus has not yet actually infected any device, it should take some steps to protect yourself from Gunpoder and other viruses that could be released in the future for Android .

Click on the application that you believe is responsible for the infection and uninstall it

First, it might be helpful to disable the installation of applications from unknown sources . To do that, go into Settings – Security options – uncheck the Unknown sources.

If instead you are going to install an application outside of the Play Store, maybe because it is the only possible alternative, pay attention to detail: the permissions (video application really needs to access contacts, for example?), reviews and opinions online.

Finally, you can install a virus. The Play Store is full of alternatives more or less valid, as 360 Mobile Security , Avast and Lookout . These antivirus scan the system for malware, but it is very likely that even token of false positives .

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How to remove virus from Android

If all the precautions were unnecessary, reboot your smartphone or tablet in Safe mode . This safe mode starts only the applications needed to run the system, eliminating those that are not essential, including malware. In the majority of devices to access this mode, just hold down the power button to access the options off, and then hold on “Turn Off” to access safe mode options.

Take care to be in the window dedicated to the  downloaded applications

Open the Settings, and navigate to the application table. Take care to be in the window dedicated to the downloaded applications . If you do not know what the offending application, scroll down to find some suspicious application and that you are sure you have not installed.

Click on the application that you believe is responsible for the infection and uninstall it. In most cases, the removal of the virus is simple and have cleaned your device. Other times, however, the application may have received administrative privileges, and then the button “Uninstall” may not be selected.

the application may have received administrative privileges

In this case, exit from application settings and enter the security settings. Here you should find a list of applications that have obtained administrator privileges. Simply uncheck the offending application and return to the window of the applications installed to eliminate it permanently.

By removing the offending application on your smartphone or tablet Android is clean, and to complete the operation just restart it .

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