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How to share internet connection from Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is a device that allows the user to have access to networks of mobile Internet from any other device. The internet connection of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be shared with a computer, tablet or smartphone, operating as a bridge to supply the required data traffic.

The connection of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be shared with a computer, tablet or smartphone, operating as a bridge to supply the required data traffic

Of course, this feature is available on other terminals market in general and Samsung in particular. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the devices that are ready to work with the type of LTE that will be available from the month of July with Orange and Telstra, is especially interesting to exploit the possibilities of this feature using internet connection sharing options.

To share the internet connection of Samsung Galaxy S4, you have to use the Samsung Galaxy S4 as modem. Connect the internet, either making the phone a point Hotspot, or using a USB cable. Thus, choosing one way or another determines the comfort of the function but the first option is easy enough.

In order to activate one or the other, go to “Setting” menu. Simply look for the section “Wi-Fi Hotspots”. Clicking on that section will open the options panel from which you can configure how we want to share the data connection of Samsung Galaxy S4 from other terminals.

If you select the first option, which makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 an issuer of “Wi-Fi Hotspots”, you have to set it to not take advantage of the open channel users. To do this, simply schedule an associated password to the connection name you choose. Yes, it should be borne in mind that data consumption can skyrocket if you use the connection sharing feature Samsung Galaxy S4, so it is recommended that you only use at times.

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