Increase storage space and autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Note

You may have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and you reach the stage of wanting to make some personal changes to your handheld? It may be time to think of modding. By cons, you should always start from the beginning, not too bogged down in the technical details of development. To do this, you can start to make some hardware changes to your system as suggested by the XDA developers to give you greater battery capacity, and better storage space with a Micro SD card adapter can support up 250 GB of memory.

Of course, there is not really a change in the system of the device, but this change will definitely bring you a new experience related to your Samsung Galaxy Note. To do this, you need first, find an array of significant size that you can find on Amazon, for example, or ebay. Indeed, it is a battery of 8500 mAh, but the size is fairly consistent. It is at this stage that you have to use your imagination, because of course, the original cover can not maintain the battery. You can always opt for an adaptation that will protect the battery from any water, dust, or at least give a more aesthetic.

better storage space with a Micro SD card adapter can support up 250 GB of memory

Regarding the adapter Micro SD card, you can purchase at linitx, it will be capable of supporting a Card 256 GB, available from authorized dealers. Thus, you will not have to stress regarding storage space, whether for HD movies, photos, music and much more.

Therefore, if you are interested in this to start modding, you can get site on the XDA developers forum, to know all the details of the operation to take. Attention make changes to your device does not commit you, and we are not responsible for any damage if occur. Make changes at your own risk.

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