Internet of Things: Freevolt that feeds with air

The internet of things (IoT) is composed of millions of devices which are connected together, equipped with sensors, which analyze microscopic bits of data, with the aim to make our lives better. I have repeatedly stated that, for many, is considered the next big trend in digital technology. But as a sensor can be small and compact, to work you will always need current, therefore batteries, which sooner or later will be loaded or replaced. Or maybe not?

internet of things is composed of millions of devices which are connected together

Have deliberately remained enigmatic in the title, just to whet your curiosity. But what are we talking about? Lord Drayson, a British business man also involved in science has revealed, on September 30, a system that would allow, at least in theory, to solve the problem exposed earlier. It’s called Freevolt and capture radio waves that constantly surround us, to power low-power devices, or to recharge their batteries.

CEO Drayson Technologies demonstrated the functionality of this device before powering a speaker and then revealing the first device to be fully stocked Freevolt: CleanSpace Tag .

Obviously, this solution will not work on devices that require large amounts of energy (no, forget smartphone self-powered), but the technology offers significant opportunities as it does not need extra infrastructure to receive and share energy: “It does not require any extra energy, simply recycles the one that is not used at the time.”

The question on everyone’s mind now is whether this technology will go some way to affect what is the main function of the radio waves : transmit data. What, in fact, you might check it is being generated noise due to the lack of energy, so it would be necessary to increase the power with which information is transmitted. Developers, however, ensure that their product is not going to eat into the existing schemes.

And what do you think?

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