The display of some iPhone 5 has a green halo in the bottom

The iPhone 5 is still adding problems according to the users. It already have the violet aura that comes out in the pictures made with the main camera, the poor quality of the aluminum in black (skip the paint), small leakage of light on a Board at the top and now comes a new bug: a green halo on the corners of the screen. Screen turns and for a small moment is a green tint in the corners of the screen that disappears quickly. It is as if the screen was “cold” and this fault occurs to start again.

The display of some iPhone 5 has a green halo in the bottom

It is not a serious fault, but is noticeable enough as so that those who purchased an iPhone 5 are somewhat concerned. Some messages of the Forum of Apple refers to the possibility that you can go to get worse with time and you have already finished the year of warranty. Although it have not been accepted some of these problems as a manufacturing error, the latest news on the subject indicate that the mark could have been ordered to make more thorough quality controls that are not “strain” any unit damaged.

At the moment Apple has not done any statement commenting on the new issue of the Green halo on the screen of your newly submitted flagship. That they talked about other controversial as malfunction maps IOS 6, when Tim Cook apologized to all users. However the answer was not so satisfactory reply to criticisms by the violet aura that appears in the photos taken with the iPhone 5, before this the company said that it was completely normal. Something similar happened with the issue of scratch in Black Aluminum, many customers complained that the surface is very delicate and immediately appear peeled areas that let you see the tone lighter below, again assured that it was normal.

The new ruling of the iPhone 5 joins a list that seems to be not to increase. It must also take into account that we are talking about a smartphone that causes much interest in what any small problem takes on great importance. For better or for worse, the iPhone 5 is on everyone’s lips, even though in many cases it is to criticize its lack of innovation. In any case it is not good news for Apple, a company that has always been characterized by their products with a perfect finish.

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