The keyboard of the iPhone 5 will be fixed with the next update

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The American Apple has acknowledged that the iPhone 5 suffers malfunction with the virtual keyboard. As discussed earlier, as soon as the user has to enter text using the keypad that is controlled via the touch screen of the terminal this starts to Flash, exposing problems in the image of the keyboard configuration. It seems that the situation takes place by difficulties in communication between the operating system and the technology used in the last panel of the iPhone 5 In-Cell type, used for the first time in this model.

The keyboard of the iPhone 5 will be fixed with the next update

However, a solution comes on the way. Apple has already taken account of the iPhone 5 keyboard problem, and has announced that it is working on a way to put an end to the situation, which would come with the next update of the iOS 6. Unfortunately, they have not given dates approximate to the resolution, as neither have been able to respond to the reason for this problem is to randomly on certain devices, given that at any time they responsible to the hardware of the iPhone 5 as the cause of so irritating manifestation.

Apple was already positioned also when there were reports of other types of problems with the iPhone 5. In particular, with the purple flashes which are obtained on occasions when taking pictures. As the use of the new lenses of Sapphire the prime suspect as the cause of the situation, the Cupertino came to step as they already did a couple of years during the AntennaGate, limited to point out that the fact is common, and it is given by the way in which the sensor communicates with camera controller under certain lighting conditions.

Where to find more difficult if recoil arise in the new Lightning port. Faster, small and versatile, the it takes proprietary it opens in the iPhone 5 and that we could see on the iPad Mini, for logical reasons, incompatible with the family of accessories they had been on sale for previous versions of the phone and the Apple tablet. Even availing ourselves of adapter 30 euros that have been released could have problem with other add-ins.

In any case, all this has not been without prejudice so that iPhone 5 has broken records in sales. Nothing less that five million units have been that Apple placed in the hands of users during the launch weekend, and that only in the first sweep of distribution. No problem has been the fact that the model with the highest price that has been sold so far or you, as says the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, the screen is too small in relation to what is expected today of a high end smart mobile phone.

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