Marketing war between Samsung and Apple

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It is well known that the current open judicial war between Apple’s lawyers against lawyers from Samsung with different countries, has been focused on the use (or misuse) of the various patents for which they fight both companies. But so far the war had only been developed without affecting advertising.

Marketing war between Samsung and Apple

And they have already reached the stage advertising the first fighting between Samsung and Apple. As already circulating on the Internet, especially YouTube, a new video that you want to present the next installment of the Korean manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy S II, and for that we have used the battery problems of the new iPhone 4S with intention to ridicule.


The video shows several young men, in different cities US, causing a queue to buy the new Apple iPhone, although you can not see clearly the brand itself to infer the same physical characteristics and shape. In addition, one awaiting youth tell: “Oh, oh, blogs say that the battery is not reliable,” alluding to the battery problems presented by the latest iPhone model, adding later, “Do you like old, how will people know what has changed?”


However, when a youth of the sidewalk sees another on the street, you realize that you are holding a Samsung Galaxy S II and exclaims “I could not ever have a Samsung”. According to some analysts, the new video from Samsung is the latest installment of criticizing Apple’s iPhone that has come to market imperfections, while trying to make fun of fans of these phones, presenting them as a superficial customers forgiven everything the company.


But this is not going to be the only delivery, it is said that in the coming days new videos will appear on the Facebook wall of Samsung with similar scenes in which a brand mocks the other, so hopefully.

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