MWC 2012: quadcore smartphones will be the big players

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It is true that most people will ask, “what are four processors on a phone?” Then taking into account that many are wondering if it will consume even more the question is even more spontaneous. Actually, the new processor Nvidia Tegra 3 for example, uses only the number of processors required by the operations running, in order to maintain balanced consumption of actual usage.

And it is about the Quadcore that the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, expressed in a recent interview “It’s like asking the chicken and egg question. If there are still applications that take advantage of quadcore, we can realize quadcore to inspire developers to create them.”

MWC 2012: quadcore smartphones will be the big players
Here are some quadcore smartphone coming right at MWC this year.


HTC Edge Endover Supreme

It would be the first HTC smartphone equipped with an Nvidia Tegra processor and start right with the new quadcore can only benefit to the hardware features of this device. Still do not have data but it would seem that the ‘Supreme HTC will have more or less the following hardware features:
MWC 2012: quadcore smartphones will be the big players
Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, Tegra 3

Android 4.0 with Sense UI 4.0

4.7-inch display with 720p resolution


8 MPx rear Camera

Beats Audio

32 GB of internal memory

HSPA + 21 Mbps

Bluetooth 4.0


Fujitsu Arrow with Tegra 3

The CES in Las Vegas has presented a prototype under the name of Fujitsu Arrow, equipped with the new quadcore Nvidia and features some pretty good hardware. It is true that this smartphone might not ever marketed outside of Japan.

Specifications of Fujitsu Arrow

Quad-core 1.2GHz processor NVIDIA Tegra 3

Android 4.0

4.6 “1280 × 720 TFT-LCD

13.1-megapixel camera


LTE Support

Waterproof and Dust (dustproof)

The presence of strange hardware buttons, given the presence on board of ICS, but we’re still talking about a prototype.



LG was the first to propose a smartphone on the market with processors from Nvidia and it was quite obvious the arrival of a new smartphone with Tegra 3. The news of the X3 was leaked recently and it is possible to be presented officially at the MWC in Barcelona.

Specifications of LG X3

Quad-core Tegra

Android 4.0

Display 4.7-inch 1280 × 720 resolution

8 MPx back camera and 1.3 MPx front camera

16GB of internal memory expandable

Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, WiFi 802.11b/g/n

HSPA + 21 Mbps

2.000 mAh battery

Thickness of less than 9mm
MWC 2012: quadcore smartphones will be the big players

Huawei Diamond Series

Huawei has in the MWC of Serbia for a press conference scheduled for February 26. In this conference, Huawei has promised to present the smartphone “faster and smarter” they ever made. Given the recent presentation of the family Ascend, with the good old (so to speak) dual-core, we can expect the presence of a quadcore on board the new “diamond”.


ASUS Padfone

The Padfone prototype at CES in Las Vegas was carrying a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, but it seems that ASUS is going to Barcelona with a prototype “redesigned” (at least in the hardware section) and the official presentation will take place on February 27. Among the changes most likely there may be precisely the replacement of the processor. The most likely candidate? Just the Nvidia Tegra 3.


Motorola, Samsung and Meizu

Although for the moment there are no rumors of devices Samsung or Motorola with quadcore, not necessarily tell you that there is some device of Serbia for the MWC this year.

As for Motorola, having regard to the presence of the Tegra 2 on board of some of its devices of tip, is not to exclude a priori the presentation of some device equipped with Tegra 3, even if the choice of processor of the most recent Razr is relapse on models of Texas Instruments.


Meizu, a company very popular in the Chinese market, could make its appearance at MWC presenting just the Meizu MX which we have already spoken, a cheap smartphone with very competitive hardware features, including its own processor from 1.4 GHz quadcore.

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