Nearly 30 million Samsung S2 Galaxy sold to date

The figures speak for themselves. 28 million handsets sold worldwide in the Galaxy S2, the device was introduced in February 2011 and went on sale in May of that year. We speak of that has been the high end signature Korean to May 3 this year, when it was revealed the Samsung Galaxy S3, a device for about two weeks and is available in stores and on track to be the new high-end selling the firm in Seoul.

Nearly 30 million Samsung S2 Galaxy sold to date

With the advent of the new beast of the company anticipates another boost in sales for the Samsung Galaxy S2. And in the coming months the device which debuted the technology Super AMOLED Plus could receive improvements in price and sales conditions of the distributors, which would be the appropriate conditions for the terminal as living a second youth.

This has been done with the generation that preceded it. Just take a look at the sales figures for the Galaxy S, the device that opened the series and, despite having two years on the market, has already placed its sales at 24 million units. At this point, it is important to remember that this model exceeded the border of the ten million handsets sold before the end of the year 2010 that met its release.

In total, some 52 million phones sold in the Galaxy S series. But that’s not all. Although he was suspicious of the good health that might enjoy the longer version of the family, the Samsung Galaxy Note, truth passes through merit to recognize mobile bordering the tablet concept. At least that is extracted from the seven million terminals have been sold so-called tabletophone or phablet, since it was put up for sale late last year.

The shadow cast by this device is long, and besides being the advance of a particular generation of hybrid phones – LG already has its smartphones to five inches, and the Finnish Nokia seems to have also pointed to this trend-the Samsung Galaxy Note has served as a test for the firm to test the free market confidence, which would have supported the expectations of the manufacturer, that after the summer lodge an improved second generation of this model.

And the best is yet to come. To these figures must be added that are beginning to ask for the powerful Samsung Galaxy S3. On the eve of its release anticipated a tsunami of sales, recording more than ten million bookings by distributors. For now, there are no figures that serve to limit how much the opening of this terminal, which took place on May 29, has led the most successful of the firm. In any case, the projections are only positive in this respect.

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