New emoji for Android Smartphones

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The executive producer of the Android team announced that they are working on creating new emoji for Android smartphones.

The emoji, you know, give that extra touch to your messages, whether they are sent on Whatsapp , on Facebook or on Twitter . Sometimes words are not enough, and these smileys can help us to express ourselves better or to give emphasis to a sentence we write. Android has decided to give us great news about it by providing new emoji for Android.
New emoji for Android

As you surely know, recently Whatsapp had already updated the emoji , giving us the possibility to choose between different skin tones for some of them. Yesterday Hiroshi Lockheimer , executive producer of the Android team, announced on Twitter that they are working on a new set of emoticons and also thanked all those who have given their feedback about it.

Unfortunately, however, it did not say when the emoji for Android will be available for our smartphones. The tweet certainly was not written at random, as Apple with its upgrade to iOS 9.1 has added more than 150 new emoji to his list and, moreover, they are not fully compatible with Android devices.

This is all that has been revealed for the moment, so the only thing we can do is ask how will these new emoji : we will have other skin tones? Or even emoticons than ever before? Or perhaps both? Who knows … probably we’ll know with a future release of the operating system. If you want to know Mr. Lockheimer which ones you would see on your device, you can write on his profile Twitter . Perhaps you could find interesting for your proposals.

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