Netflix improves its sound system

Netflix improves sound quality in its Android application

Watching movies or series on an Android device might sound a bit strange a few years ago. But now there are many who enjoy their favorite audiovisual content on a smartphone or tablet.

And Netflix has decided to think especially about them, launching a new update in its Android app in which the sound system improves considerably.

Netflix improves its sound system

Netflix improves its sound system

Studio sound

The new launch of the streaming platform is a sound system based on studio sound , so that the result is much more impressive.

One of the great advantages of this system is that it adapts to the needs of your connection . Therefore, if you do not have a very powerful connection, you will always have the possibility of accessing a lower quality sound that makes you not have constant cuts.

It also has a volume control, which will make all the titles play at a constant volume. This will avoid this annoying situation in which when you change series or film the volume rises or falls considerably. Now it will be at the same level no matter what you hear, ideal for when you change titles in the same session.

In general, and always bearing in mind that in the end the sound also depends largely on the speakers we use, we can say that the quality with which we will listen to our favorite movies, series or documentaries will improve considerably. Therefore, the experience when enjoying content on an Android device will also be much better.

Requirements to enjoy Netflix studio sound

Contrary to what we might think at first, it is not necessary that we have a smartphone with great features to be able to enjoy this studio sound. At the operating system level, all you need is to have Android 9 or higher . Therefore, unless your device is old enough, you can enjoy this interesting improvement in the sound system from now on, regardless of whether it is more or less powerful.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that the sound quality will not depend solely on the Netflix application. The sound quality offered by your smartphone will also have a lot to say about it. But you have the mobile you have you will notice the difference with respect to the previous sound as soon as you receive the update that offers you this new sound.

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OnePlus Band, everything we know A mid-range bracelet

OnePlus launches its first wearable OnePlus Band on January 11

Activity wristbands, smart watches and wearables in general have become a highly coveted item by users around the world.

The launch will consist of an activity bracelet that will be called OnePlus Band. And it will be intended for all pockets, even the most limited, since the price will be around 30 euros. Like most devices of this type, it will be used to count steps and physical and sports activity. It will also have a heart rate meter and we can monitor our sleep hours. In short, a mid-range activity bracelet.

OnePlus Band, everything we know A mid-range bracelet

Great battery life

Another of the strong points that we can find in this activity bracelet is that it will have a battery with a duration of up to two weeks. Not having to constantly go through the charger is a point that will be highly appreciated by most users. In addition, it is also waterproof, through the IP68 standard. Its screen will be tactile, with AMOLED technology and a size of 1.1 inches. These are very interesting features for the economical price.

Launch in China

OnePlus Band, everything we know A mid-range bracelet

The date on which the OnePlus Band will go on the market has already been confirmed by the brand. On January 11 we will begin to be able to find it in some stores. However, it must be taken into account that as usual in Chinese brands, in principle it will be designed for the Asian market. We will have to wait a little longer to find it in these parts.

When will the OnePlus Band arrive in Europe?

Although the brand has not made official a specific date for its launch in Europe and the United States, it is expected that its arrival may be available within a few months. At least this is what we can deduce if we take into account how the launches of other products of the brand have gone, which arrived in our country several months later than in China.

What do you think of this activity bracelet? Do you think it will make a dent in the market or is it too saturated? What advantages do you find it compared to others like the Xiaomi MiBand 5? A little further down you can find our comments section, in which you can tell us all your impressions about it.


Huawei presents the official beta of HarmonyOS 2.0 for mobile

The beta version of the operating system developed by Huawei for its terminals was officially presented at HDC 2020 in Bejing. Operating system that comes to replace Android as the engine of its terminals. Interested application developers can now request HarmonyOS version 2.0 on the official Huawei Developer website. This version comes to facilitate efficiency in application development, provide a multitude of APIs and powerful tools such as the DevEco Studio simulator.


With this movement, it wants to open the door to new Partners to its ecosystem and that they allow access to a greater number of users to its services. HarmonyOS wants to be a pioneer when it comes to using 5G technology to improve its efficiency when browsing or significantly improve the interaction between our wearables and our mobile. Huawei’s intention is clear, to boost the industry and open possibilities towards a smart and connected life.

Innovative technology from HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS aims to transform the business of Hardware manufacturers, helping them turn products into services. Instead of being limited to the sale of a product, it will pool the hardware resources of all the devices that can be connected to each other. Thanks to this new business model, more than 20 manufacturers are already part of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

The connection between different devices has been achieved without inconvenience, allowing any user integrated in the ecosystem to have facilities such as simply touching an appliance with their phone and connecting it instantly and thus viewing all the information of said device on our mobile. At the same time, these appliances will be able to inform us natively about their operation.

HarmonyOS will become open source for a wider range of Huawei devices in the very near future. Huawei Developer events now stop in a number of major cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou, to offer exciting discussions on future technologies and projects.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society

How to unlock a cell phone online by IMEI?

When cell phones are purchased directly from a telephone service provider, they are usually delivered blocked to operate exclusively with their lines and cannot be used by competing operators, which is unpleasant if you want to change companies. Luckily, there is a very easy way to unlock a device, and just use the IMEI code to do it.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society, they are used in almost all human activities, they are very popular and the variety of companies that provide connectivity services is quite wide.

Cell phones are among the most used and necessary devices in modern society

Most operating companies sell cellular devices to be used exclusively with their lines, blocked for use with competing companies. Luckily, there are always ways to release them so they can work with any operator , regardless of the service provider company.

There are specialized platforms that help to unlock cell phones just by using the IMEI code, one of them is the LiberarCelular portal, with which you can unlock any device totally free and online. This effective web tool releases cell phones with the IMEI code, from different telephone companies and without even leaving the house, all online.

Unlocking a cell phone is a really easy process that allows it to be used with any operator anywhere in the world and is available to most operators in Latin America, in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia, and Spain.

How to unlock a cell phone

To unblock a cell phone you just have to go to LIBERATECellular, choose the country and the operating company and click on FREE CELL PHONE. When entering the page of the selected company, the brand of the equipment is chosen and the IMEI code is entered, after this you have to press the FREE CELL PHONE button again and wait for the system to issue the unlocking code known as simlock.

The code is generated in a few seconds, it is unique and is associated with the country, operator, brand and IMEI of the equipment and nothing else is valid for the moment it is generated .

This simlock code has six figures, of which the first two will be displayed on the page where it is generated, the full numbers are automatically uploaded to a download server which can be accessed by creating a free account on it. With the full simlock code you can unlock the device only by following a few steps given on that page.

Before to release a cell phone you had to pay, but with the reforms and regulations that currently govern the operation of telephone operators, it is now free . The problem is that they are not interested in their clients knowing that the procedure is free and easy to carry out so that they keep the equipment tied to them, so it is difficult to do it from their official pages.

International support

Thanks to LiberarCelular, you can unlock any cell phone quickly, safely and very easily.

This platform provides technical support to 21 countries, 31 operating companies and 11 brands of cellular equipment. If the service provider company is not available, the person interested in freeing a cell phone can contact the web platform, through the section they have available, so that it can send the request.

This portal is allied with the sister websites liberationcellularonline and liberationmovilcellular.

To date, the site has registered 168,372, an average of 3,200 daily cell phones. It is a very effective service that has helped thousands of people to have a device released to use it in any service operator they want, without the limitations that had when it was blocked to use only with a single company.

It is an excellent solution to obtain more freedom with the use of the cell phone. As soon as it is released, there will no longer be any problem of inserting any desired telephony chip and using it as usual.

Samsung: a notification informs that the new smartphones of 2021 will no longer support the old wearables of the house

Samsung: smartphones of 2021 will not support old wearable devices

If you are among users who still own and use a Samsung Gear smartwatch, you may have to think twice before purchasing a new smartphone from the Korean company in 2021. According to reports from the GalaxyClub newspaper, in fact, an app notification Members warned users that the old wearables of the house will no longer be compatible with smartphones of 2021.

Samsung: a notification informs that the new smartphones of 2021 will no longer support the old wearables of the house

Samsung: a notification informs that the new smartphones of 2021 will no longer support the old wearable of the house

The quality of the existing service on the old Samsung Gear wearable devices can not be guaranteed and assured only through app updates , reads the app notification. The old Gear wearable can therefore no longer be supported by the new smartphones of 2021 .

The notification specifically lists five wearable devices that will be affected in this regard, the main one being the 2013 Galaxy Gear . Also they included Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S and Gear Fit. While other devices such as Galaxy Gear 3 Neo and Gear S2 remain supported .

However, if you own a Samsung smartphone manufactured from 2020 or earlier , the aforementioned wearable devices will continue to be supported by your device. The question concerns only those smartphones that will be marketed starting next year.

It is also interesting to note that the app notification does not suggest that the reason for the abandonment of support is related to Android 11 and its One UI 3.0 or hardware .

Samsung also notes that users who use the smartwatches mentioned here will be notified of this in the Galaxy Wearable app in the coming weeks , providing a short period of time to reconsider future purchases.

This is a move, which in our opinion appears to be purely commercial , since there is no real technical reason to end support for such devices, which are still valid today.

After a year with iOS 12, our device is full of junk files that have been generated by the applications

How to install iOS 13 or iPadOS on your iPhone or iPad

Every time Apple, or any other company launches a new version or update of its operating system, it is advisable to wait a day to ensure that it does not contain operating problems that could render our device unusable. But that’s what betas are for.

After several months of betas, the Cupertino company has released the version, and therefore stable, of iOS 13, a new version of iOS that gives greater prominence to the iPad. In fact, the iPad version has been renamed iPadOS. Here’s how to install iOS 13/iPadOS on your iPhone or iPad.

Before updating our device we must check whether our iPhone or iPad is compatible with this new version of iOS. Apple focused all its efforts with iOS 12 on improving its performance, something that it achieved very successfully, even on older devices, which was an indication that iOS 13 would not be compatible with the same terminals as iOS 12.

After a year with iOS 12, our device is full of junk files that have been generated by the applications

IOS 13 Compatible Devices

iOS 13 is compatible with all those terminals that are managed by 2 or more GB of RAM. In this way, if you have an iPhone 6s onwards or a second generation iPad Air, you have the opportunity to update to iOS 13 .

If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPad Air or iPad mini 2 and 3, you will have to settle for continuing on iOS 12 , a version that offers a performance that many would have wanted in the iOS version of their devices that they left behind. receiving updates long ago.

iPhone compatible with iOS 13

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone 11 (factory shipped with iOS 13)
iPhone 11 Pro (factory shipped with iOS 13)
iPhone 11 Pro Max (they arrive from the factory with iOS 13)

iOS 13 is compatible with all those terminals that are managed by 2 or more GB of RAM
iPad compatible with iOS 13

iPad mini 4
iPad Air 2
iPad 2017
iPad 2018
iPad 2019
iPad Air 2019
iPad Pro 9.7 inch
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (all models)
iPad Pro 10.5 inch
iPad Pro 11 inch

iPhone and iPad not compatible with iOS 13

Iphone 5s
Iphone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3
iPad Air (1st generation)

How to install iOS 13

After a year with iOS 12, our device is full of junk files that have been generated by the applications that we have installed on our device, so it is a good time to clean the slate. That is, we must proceed to erase our entire device to make a clean installation, from scratch, without dragging the performance or space problems that our device may be suffering.

If we do not do this, our device will most likely not work satisfactorily , as it is affected by internal chaos in the form of applications / files that are not used but are still present on the device.

If we do a clean installation of iOS 13 and restore a backup, we are going to find the same problem as if we directly update our device with iOS 12 to iOS 13 without erasing all its content.

Backup with iTunes

If you still want to update iOS 13 from iOS 12, the first thing you should do is make a backup. Installing a version of an operating system over a previous version may cause a malfunction that forces us to restore our device .

If this is the case, and we do not have a backup, we will lose ALL the information that we have stored in our terminal. To avoid this type of problem, before updating to a new version of an operating system, in this case iOS 13, we must make a backup copy of our device through iTunes.

To make a backup through iTunes, we just have to connect our iPad or iPhone to a computer, open iTunes and click on the icon that represents our device. In the window that will be displayed, we must click on Backup. The process will take more or less time depending on the space that we have occupied in our device, so we must take it easy.

Backup with iCloud

If we have an iCloud storage plan, all of our photos are in the cloud, as are all documents that are compatible with Apple’s cloud storage service. This will prevent us from having to make a backup copy of our terminal since all the information on it is safely stored. Once the terminal has been updated, we will have to re-download all the applications that we have installed.

If we want to keep the same applications that we had with iOS 12 , thus dragging all the problems that I have explained above, we can make a backup copy of our terminal in iCloud, so that once it has been updated, we can restore all the applications that we had installed .

Updating to iOS 13

After having completed all the steps that I have explained above, it is time to update to iOS 13 . We can do this process from our iPhone or iPad or directly from iTunes. If we do it from an iPhone or iPad we must perform the following steps:

Update to iOS 13 from iPhone or iPad
Upgrade to iOS 13
Settings .
General .
Software update.

Within Software update it will be shown that we have a new version of iOS to install, specifically iOS 13. When clicking on it, the details of this new version are shown .
To proceed with the installation, we must click on Download and Install .
For the update to take place, our terminal must be connected to a WiFi network and a charger. The terminal battery must be above 20% for the installation process to begin.

Update to iOS 13 from iTunes

If you are a classic and want to continue updating your device through iTunes, here are the steps to follow.

First we must connect our iPhone or iPad to the computer.
We open iTunes and click on the icon that represents the device we want to update.
At the top right, where the terminal information is displayed, click on Search for update .
Once we accept the conditions, iTunes will begin to download the update and later update the device.

Photoshop Compatible Devices for iPad

Photoshop for iPad is now available What does this version offer us?

With the launch of iPadOS 13, Apple has given the iPad the push it needed to make this device a perfect tool to replace our old laptop with a lighter, smaller and more comfortable to carry device. As the months go by, little by little the applications to get the most out of it are coming.

There are several image editors for the iPad in the App Store, however, not all of them offer us the same features that we can find in applications for computers. With the arrival of Photoshop on the iPad, the way to edit photos on the Apple iPad becomes much easier. But what does Photoshop offer us for the iPad?

Photoshop is the best image and design software in the world, it’s like the Spotify of music or the Netflix of streaming video. Everyone knows the benefits of Photoshop, so we are going to tell you little or nothing about this application that you do not know well. With the release of the iPad version, we can edit any image or create anything that comes to mind.

Photoshop Compatible Devices for iPad

Photoshop for iPad, what we’ve all been waiting for

As the company affirms, this first version focuses on composition and retouching tools designed to work on the iPad through Apple Pencil, a tool that is not essential but that helps a lot when working with the application.

Create files in PSD format

The PSD format is used by Photoshop, a format that offers us incredible versatility by storing all the content in layers, layers that we can edit, delete, merge, retouch independently. The works that we create on the iPad can be shared with any other device that uses Photoshop or an editor compatible with this format.

Format similar to desktop version

To make it much easier to use this new version for tablets, and that there is no learning curve, Photoshop for iPad shows us the same design that we can find in the desktop version . On the left side we find all the available tools and on the right of the screen the management of the different layers that we create.

Work anywhere

All the files that we create on our device are automatically stored in the Adobe cloud, which allows us to access them from any other computer that uses the same Adobe account, so we avoid having to send the heavy files that we create through mail, messaging platforms.

In addition, any changes we make to the images that we are editing are automatically stored in the Adobe cloud, which allows us to quickly continue editing the images on our computer if, for any reason, the iPad version does not allow it for the moment. .

Export to other formats

The PSD format allows us to store all the layers / objects that we have included in the image that we have created independently but a single file, allowing us to delete or edit the layers whenever we want. When presenting our work, the document is never delivered in PSD format so that it can be modified, but rather all the layers are grouped into a single one, such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats, a format to which we can export the files we create with this application.

Quickly edit photos

Eliminate unwanted flashes, apply filters, use the clone tool to get rid of unwanted objects … all of this is possible as we can currently do in the desktop version , either through Apple Pencil or using our fingers on the screen.

Work hand in hand with Apple Pencil

As much as our pulse is iron , working with the Apple Pencil in Photoshop for iPad offers us a precision that we would most like to have using the mouse, especially when using the different brushes that the application puts at our disposal.

In addition, selecting manually, through the Lasso tool to create new layers, apply effects, mask the input, perform any other task is very easy with Apple Pencil.

Photoshop Compatible Devices for iPad

In order to use Photoshop for iPad, the first essential requirement is that our device is managed by iPadOS , so all those models that were not updated to iOS 13 cannot install the application.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) all models
iPad Pro (10.5-inch)
iPad Pro (9.7 inch)
iPad 5th generation onwards.
iPad Mini 4 onwards.
iPad Air 2 onwards.

First and second generation Apple Pencil. It’s not specified whether Logitech’s Crayon , the cheap Apple Pencil, is compatible, but it most likely is.

Limitations of Photoshop for iPad

If our iPad is old, some of the functions that the application offers us, such as effects, are not available. Other functions such as smart filters are not yet available, which will force us to use the computer version. This limitation is an important but for the version of Photoshop for iPad, since for some users it may be the most used tool and that offers the greatest versatility.

How much does Photoshop for iPad cost?

Downloading Photoshop for iPad is completely free (not compatible with iPhone). In order to get the most out of it and work with it, it is necessary to make use of a monthly subscription that is priced at 10.99 euros per month. If you are not sure if this version for the iPad offers you what you are looking for, Adobe allows us to try the application for free and for 30 days.

If we test the application during the first 30 days, we must bear in mind that we have to cancel the monthly subscription (a process that we can do both from the iPhone and from the iPad) if we do not plan to continue using the application in the future, since otherwise we will be charged 10.99 euros per month for the subscription.