Operating Systems for Smartphones: The growth of Windows Phone

As already written when Windows Phone is a follower in the smartphone market, but, even after the fall of giants like RIM and WebOS, however, is emerging as the third mobile ecosystem immediately behind Apple’s iPhone OS and Google’s Android, with a rosy forecast for growth in the future.
Operating Systems for Smartphones - The growth of Windows Phone
The proliferation of devices with Windows Phone is getting most major web sites to create mobile versions of which are optimized and designed specifically for Microsoft smartphones.
For example, Google has recently created a new version of its search page optimized for mobile devices with Winodws Phone 7.5, rich in elements in HTML5.
This confirms what the Windows Phone platform is spreading between users and how good the work of the development team at Microsoft was is showing its full potential and, in a not too distant future, could gamble on a par with iPhone and Android OS.
Surely it is premature to draw any conclusions, but these details you can see how this system is growing hand to hand.

UltimateSOS: The application that will save your life

UltimateSOS is a revolutionary application dedicated to the international emergency. You can enjoy 4 sensational features: application dedicated to everyone from business travelers, who want to feel safer. The application that will save your life wherever you are.

UltimateSOS The application that will save your life

Here are the functions of the application:


  • Call one of the main emergency numbers (police, health or fire department) WHEREVER YOU ARE!
  • No need to remember no emergency number to memory, especially if you are abroad…
  • You are in Spain, France, Germany, the United States?
  • NO PROBLEM! Never worry about anything because UltimateSOS load emergency numbers depending on the place where you are!
  • In addition, if you need to enter more numbers, you can do it at will!



  • Statistically it is proven that not many people know the basics of first aid.
  • But do not worry!
  • UltimateSOS think that, too:
  • You have to choose from a list divided into categories, which will be constantly updated to display the help and possibly do in a situation of danger!


  • You are in danger and you do not know where you are?
  • UltimateSOS shows you the location on the map in real time, and not only… also information such as EIA, HOUSE NUMBER and CITY where you are right now.
  • You can send all this information SMS and E-mail to ask for help from anyone you want.


TrackingMe Enable the service and ask for help via SMS/e-mail. The person receiving the message can connect to a website to display real-time map on your every move! You can decide if you disable the service TrackingME!

Remember: Once deactivated, if you want to reactivate it, you’ll have to postpone the message, it will change just because the authentication data!

This is an indication of TOTAL SECURITY!



You in the dark? Activates the device’s flash with a button.

In addition, you can write any text and it will be translated into Morse code by allowing you to play audio beep and flash!

Find UltimateSOS in the App Store and is located in the Italian Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iPhone OS 5.0 or later. The size of the application is 1.3 MB only.

Acer Liquid Express: Android Smartphone with NFC chip

Another Android smartphone coming from Acer which will fall to producer in the medium-low of the market. It’s name is Acer Liquid Express.
Acer Liquid Express Android Smartphone with NFC chip
An android phone that certainly does not stand out in the midst of all the other products on the market since the specifications are within the standards of most other manufacturers quoted at equivalent of the price… Here are the specifications:
3.5-inch display with HVGA resolution
processor 800MHz Qualcomm 7227 CPU
RAM of 512 MB
5 megapixel camera with LED flash
complete connectivity
support for microSD
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and integrated GPS
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
presence of the NFC chip
indicative price of about $ 250.

So it is an Android smartphone that will go ‘to broaden the already wide range’ on the market today. What do you think? From the source it would seem that the arrival of Acer Liquid Express should arrive by the end of November at a price of 249 euros.

WebOffline: Allows you to save web pages to read offline

WebOffline is an interesting tweak in Cydia. The most interesting aspect of this tweak is that it allows you to save web pages to read later, even without an Internet connection. Definitely a tweak that works well and saves you from your wireless KB using.

WebOffline Allows you to save web pages to read offline

WebOffline works exactly like a native function of Mobile Safari: press the share button in the browser’s native iOS (the central one in the bar at the bottom) you can choose a new option from the pull-down menu called “Save for off-line” (you will find it at the end of the list). Pressing on it, the page you are viewing will be saved locally to be accessed without an Internet connection.

To view the saved page just open the Bookmarks menu and go inside the folder “Saved pages” that will be created automatically after you install WebOffline. Here you will find all the pages you saved previously, and with a simple tap on one of them to open them and view them offline. Of course the application is compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 4.

Find WebOffline in Cydia Store available at a price of $ 1.99 through the BigBoss repo.

RapidPhone: Changing the way you call and send messages quickly

RapidPhone is the new application that changes the way you call and quickly send messages to your friends. Unlike other RapidPhone application, it allows simple and intuitive to use gestures, in addition to the classic buttons, for speed telephony and messaging on your iPhone. The application is divided into four modes: “Gesture Mode”, the “Classic Mode”, the “Useful numbers” and “Bluetooth chat”.

RapidPhone Changing the way you call and send messages quickly

Here are the features of the application:

  • Call contact with simple gestures (swipe)
  • Call contact by pressing a single button
  • Send an SMS to a contact with a simple gesture (double tap)
  • Send an SMS to a contact by pressing a single button
  • Bluetooth Chat
  • Ability to customize the slot
  • Four slots available
  • Opening exploiting the background fast
  • Possibility of quick switching between the two modes
  • Gesture Mode
  • Classic mode
  • Useful Numbers
  • Numbers of police

Gesture mode: This mode is very suitable if you prefer to use gestures to the classic buttons. To call a contact just press the same slot on the image and drag your finger outside the zone of contact. Thus starts a call. To send a text message instead of just double-click on the area of contact.

Classic modes: Classic mode may be more convenient for those who find it hard to remember the gesture. Just press it on the “handset” and start a call, same thing for the message icon which will open the SMS app on the same contact.

Useful Numbers: a section of the app is mostly composed by 8 numbers 4 numbers plus the use of law enforcement. Bluetooth: using very few steps you can connect with other devices to send and receive messages conveniently without the need of internet connection.
The developers, just sent for review a new version of RapidPhone that solves all the problems of compatibility, it will be available in a few days.

iPhone 5 SIM with a virtual revolution

The iPhone 5 will certainly come in 2012, and unlike the recent iPhone 4s, it’s expected a great technology revolution as opposed to what we saw last Apple smartphone, although with some improvement certainly did a miracle. For weeks, there are questions about what wonders can offer the last real effort of Steve Jobs and rumors began to arrive.
iPhone 5 SIM with a virtual revolution
It seems that the first iPhone 5 could be a new Apple technology thanks to which we have built a kind of SIM card, which will be the forerunner to a whole new generation of iPhone. A revolutionary solution that seems to have already been thrown into a panic telephone companies, who fear being put into the background because of increased users to switch from one operator to another.
Not to mention that there is a chance that Apple itself may act as a virtual new manager, effectively supplanting the traditional operators, with the inevitable fast track towards users. This is speculation, but many are willing to bet that a lot of truth there may be seen circulating the voice of a recent patent filed by Apple regarding precisely a Virtual SIM, NFC connecting to a router. This last could transform the iPhone into a real credit card through which you can make payments in stores that have NFC POS.
Without considering the virtual purchases, such as calls made on the networks of the various telephone operators or online purchases and orders the other hand that smartphones must gradually assume more and more power becoming real all-rounder is a perspective which speaking for some time. Returning to the SIM, it would be a real virtual card that will be integrated directly into the chip.
A solution that would turn even in aesthetic advantage, since that would make you extra space to the iPhone, which could be made thinner and thinner. It’s not just because the space would be saved in thickness with the absence of the slot for the Micro SIM. We’ll see if the rumors are confirmed, but the feeling is that unlike the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 really can bring a new revolution.
Of course we remain still in the realm of rumors, but as always Apple products have always talked about and lend themselves easily to any speculation often not true. Waiting to know more in early 2012.

Ultimate Pedometer: Turn your iPhone into a powerful computer

Ultimate Pedometer records your time, place, distance, elevation, speed, pace and heart rate. View your results on maps, graphs, and calendar. Summarize your statistics by day, week, month, year, total. Take notes for each run-time, trace, feeling, text notes. Last Pedometer turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a powerful bicycle computer with exceptional iOS.

Ultimate Pedometer Turn your iPhone into a powerful computer

Here are the characteristics of the application:


  • Advanced map markers for distance, speed, pace, elevation and heart rate.
  • The path of a default location can be shown with your path to show your progress and for basic navigation.
  • Auto rotate: The device will turn the map, as opposed to the default view is often upside down.
  • Create new paths directly on the map and then uses them as defaults for racing.
  • Track your progress with up to 18 configurable ads including distance, time, speed, elevation and more.
  • The ads will start automatically at intervals of time or measured values.
  • Voices of high quality included free with the application.

Ultimate Pedometer Turn your iPhone into a powerful computer

  • Set your goals and overtake! You can set your goals for recurring distance, calories and uptime.
  • Instantly Share your achievements with your friends using Twitter, Facebook, Dailymile, email or SMS.


  • Extended track elevation: elevation of the current can be shown on the map markers on the track.
  • You can set the default base elevation or location-specific and draw the elevation actually earned, not altitude.
  • Each Running has earned his elevation, loss of elevation and angle meter – great for racing in the hills.


  • Create default paths and assigns them to new routes.
  • When a route is assigned you can check your progress on a map where the route will be displayed along with your track. In addition, the route allows you to use parameters such as ‘distance remaining’ and ‘remaining time’.
  • Loading of automatic or manual data Dailymile, RunKeeper, and TrainingPeaks. Export route as an image, or GPS, or load KML with instant delivery by e-mail. Includes earnings announcements of 18 parameters. It is compatible with any iPod touch and iPhone.