Intel waiting for Android 4.0 before releasing the first smartphone x86

Intel claims to be waiting patiently for Android Ice Cream Sandwich before releasing its first smartphone and x86 tablet on the market.
Intel waiting for Android 4.0 before releasing the first smartphone x86
From home in Santa Clara do know that if the time is ripe in the first half of 2012 we will see the first devices on the market. Intel has worked closely with Google in recent months by retrieving of lost time with Meego OS and already showing the first prototypes to the public, a sign that we can see the first device running perhaps as early as next Consumer Electronics Show 2012 where Paul Otellini has already hinted it will be many surprises in the world to Android and Intel platform.

Alcatel unveiled 4 low-cost Android Smartphones

Alcatel One Touch 995 will be a new smartphone coming out with native operating system Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. But unlike what you might imagine, the new Alcatel positioned in an affordable price range. To demonstrate that the new update of Google’s operating system will be fully executable even on entry level hardware for the industry, came the first reports on Alcatel OneTouch 995 could debut later this year or at least in the early part of 2012.
Alcatel One Touch 995 is unveiled, 4 low-cost Android Smartphones
Here is a picture collage of the model.
Alcatel One Touch 995 will thus be a smartphone natively mount low range that the highly anticipated operating system Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich formalized with the new Samsung Nexus Galaxy, two weeks ago.
Alcatel One Touch 995 will mount a single-core 1.4GHz processor probably, a 1.3 megapixel front camera, rear camera 5 megapixel and diagonal screen -resolution 4.3-inch QHD probably. It will have multi-touch capabilities.
There will be GPS with digital compass, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Ok all well and good, but the price of the new Alcatel? It will be approximately 200 euros only that is affordable cost that ensure a good number of sales for this Smartphone.

Unlock Windows Phone smartphone: the official process is available online ChevronWP7

The official procedure for Microsoft to unlock Smartphone running Windows Phone 7 is available online. It is possible with the tool Chevron WP7, without voiding the warranty, download and install the applications HomeBrew of any developer.
Unlock Windows Phone smartphone the official process is available online ChevronWP7
The real advantage is being able to “open up” the more the system through Windows Phone applications that allow us to customize more and add a few missing natively features.
Unfortunately the release has a cost of $ 9 payable by Paypal, but we want to install as many applications. For inquiries you can simply login to this site ) and complete the steps.
Enjoy the more unexpected features on the same phone by the unlocking feature.

Apple enters the world of 3D maps buying C3 Technologies

The company of Swedish origin, C3 Technologies, specializing in the development of three-dimensional maps for the areas of defense and aerospace industries, was acquired finally by Apple, which seems to confirm the will of the company to stop using in the near future services the familiar Google Maps.
Apple enters the world of 3D maps buying C3 Technologies
Although until recently it was known that C3 Technologies was purchased by a company in the West, no details were given on the operation or who would be their new owners, being the site 9to5mac which will decide on the target and confirm that the company was part of the Cupertino giant.

Proof of this would be the chief executives of C3 Technologies, the Swedes Mattias Astrom, Kjell Emgard Cederstrand and Ludwig, along with other original team members are in Sweden doing development work for Apple’s mobile platform, in an office known by the code name “Sputnik.”

The company acquired by Apple enjoyed a reputation for its ability to create 3D maps with lots of detail and quality, with a three-dimensional mapping system linked to GPS locations and adding a traditional 2D layer, allowing it to obtain highly realistic scenarios and detailed.

These qualities of the technology developed by C3 first called the attention of the military industry, which saw in it an extremely useful tool for reconnaissance, navigation and precision guided weapons. In fact, Saab AB, a company in the defense sector, owned more than 57% of C3 Technologies and agreed to the sale of shares by an amount close to $ 150 million.

Goodbye, Google Maps?

With this purchase, Apple already owns three companies dedicated to 3D mapping (before C3, it had acquired Placebase and 3D Poly9), which is considered by many as a strong signal that the next step will be a total disregard services in that area that Google offered him for about four years.

It is recalled that in 2007 when Apple launched its first iPhone, they decided to incorporate the Google Maps for mobile users may have detailed information on traffic, guide, locations and destinations.

However, this alliance between Google and Apple seems to be coming to an end, and the latter incorporating new A4 and A5 processors in their latest gadgets mobile, along with the application of 3D mapping technology recently acquired, may lead a mobile mapping solution that far exceeds the basic application of Google Maps and becomes something new and powerful.

Android smartphones suffer more damage than Apple or Blackberry

A recent study found that mobile operating system Android are often damaged more frequently than their competitors from Apple or Blackberry, but this is not due to faults or difficulties of the Google operating system, but the unreliable hardware components.
The adage “What you pay for” seems to be hanging around the heads of the device operators Android worldwide, following the returns due to damage they are causing hardware an annual expenditure of around 2 billion dollars.
This conclusion was reached by a study conducted by WDS, which analyzed more than 600,000 calls to request technical assistance teams have managed the company in the last 12 months in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.
Android smartphones suffer more damage than Apple or Blackberry
Taking an overview of the four major mobile operating systems, the analysis revealed that the segment of the devices based on Android had a higher average propensity to hardware failure (14% of calls), compared with 11% of Windows Phone, iOS 7% and 6% of BlackBerry OS.
“One thing must be absolutely clear,” said Tim Deluca-Smith, vice president of marketing for WDS, “is that our analysis finds no inherent defect in the platform Android. Its opening has allowed the ecosystem to grow at a rate and rhythm phenomenal, and it is this success that is proving difficult.”
In fact, the cheaper models have helped Android to emerge as the dominant platform in smartphones, attracting many manufacturers, from Samsung to Asian vendors without brand name.

The profitability of operators affected

However, the report found that the introduction of low-cost hardware, a variety of software customizations and delivery process for operating system upgrades that consumers generate the efforts of retail operations and processes of return and reparations from being exceeded.
Specifically regarding the problems in the computer hardware, being difficult to resolve, carriers generated in a series of expenses for return, repair or replacement of defective phone in many cases can exceed 120% of what they originally claimed the user, affecting profitability.
However, from the perspective of WDS, this situation can be reversed by adopting a series of measures including the need to improve test methods of Android mobile operating system to minimize the risk of hardware failure and assess the direct and indirect costs and benefits associated with the purchase of such smartphones.

A bug in the iOS 5 would be the cause of the low battery life of iPhone 4S

The low battery life of the new iPhone 4S, which led to a rising tide of complaints from its users, is due to the existence of an error in location services of operating system iOS 5.
A bug in the iOS 5 would be the cause of the low battery life of iPhone 4S
During the days following the release of the latest smartphone from Apple, latent claims of consumers who purchased the device and found that the energy charge of it was running too fast.
This was also evident in those iPhone from previous versions that have updated their platform to iOS 5, raising suspicions that the problem could be in the operating system.
According to British newspaper The Guardian, a growing number of people have found that the item “Setting Time Zone” location services built into the latest mobile operating system, Apple seems to work even when there is no possibility that the user has moved to another location or time zone.
Users have seen appear purple icon that indicates whether the service has been used in the last 24 hours, suggesting that it has been running several times to access the location of the iPhone, even when no apparent reason to do so.

Apple’s response and a possible solution

So far, the reaction of Apple to this problem was to contact some of the claimants and ask users install in their smartphone a special application to determine the cause of the drastic reduction in battery life.
Meanwhile, some experts consider valid the possibility that this is due to an error in the location service iOS 5 suggested workarounds until Apple provide a definitive answer.
This is the case of Oliver Haslam, who through iDownloadBlog directly suggested disabling the “Setting Time Zone” to prevent the battery from losing any energy unnecessarily.
Haslam notes that, although this means that the phone does not automatically establish the appropriate account when the user time zone travel, “but that’s a small price to pay for getting your iPhone last longer than 12 hours when fully charged”.
According to Haslam, this solution was tested in four iPhone 4S different, and a iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G, achieving a dramatic improvement in battery life of them all.

iMessage, the new messaging service for mobile Apple iOS 5

Apple decided to enter fully into the territory of the text messages through their new application iMessage, which will provide users of mobile devices with iOS 5 platform the ability to send texts, videos and photos for free, which can represent a blow to the telephone companies have made big business SMS.

iMessage, the new messaging service for mobile Apple iOS 5

The new application is integrated into iOS 5, the latest update of Apple’s mobile operating system will be available for download and incorporates, as its developer, more than 200 new features.

Considered by many as the response of the Cupertino systems known as Blackberry Messenger or WhatsApp, iMessage not only allows free-sending of text message nationally and internationally, but it also allows users to send images and video, all via Wi-Fi and 3G.

iMessage also allows customers to control all their messages, either through receipts or through optional reading notices. The application gives also the possibility of seeing one of your contacts when you are writing something, or send text messages in complete safety thanks to its encryption system.


Uninterrupted communication from any iOS device

The capabilities of this free messaging service makes Apple users can be constantly in touch, because it allows them to start a conversation on a device (an iPhone, for instance) and continue it later in another (iPhone or iPod Touch) .

That’s another interesting feature of iMessage, since its application is not limited to the iPhone, but also can be used from other Apple mobile devices like iPad and iPod Touch, which greatly enhances their chances of consolidation preferences of consumers.

It is clear that such devices must have certain characteristics of support to operate this new service, which is why Apple has released the list of gadgets compatible with the new iOS that integrated  iMessage, these are:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch 3rd Generation
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • iPad
  • iPad 2

The disadvantage of iMessage is that it does not allows the exchange of messages from phone running other operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, Nokia, or Windows Mobile, especially considering that the system developed by Google ranks first in the preferences of users around the world.