Performance and autonomy pillars of Samsung Galaxy S6

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Just a few hours ago Samsung has posted on his official Twitter account a new video in which, although not listed Samsung Galaxy S6, we will see how some of its features. The pictures, as you can see, can have a double meaning: the high performance and processor speed or good autonomy that count the device. Or maybe be both?
power and autonomy are two of the cornerstones of the next Samsung Galaxy S6 and this teaser is proof of that.
And is much less for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is official (specifically the March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona) and why Samsung has begun to “increase” the number of leaks and teasers. Today has specifically published two, one of them related to the camera and another, which seems to be much more interesting, about the possible performance of the device. This video was posted a few hours ago on the Twitter account of the company and seems to leave some rather straight.

“The faster you are, the more things can be completed and more time can give to others.” This is what comes to tell us the phrases found in the video and they arise as a town wakes up early and “sleeps” to the sound of the lights of cars. As mentioned, these images have two very different readings but complementary: first, the text indicates that as something faster, less time it takes to complete certain tasks, while on the other city images give us the feeling that time passes quickly and the device to which it refers “not notice”, ie as if the battery was not affected.

Undoubtedly, power and autonomy are two of the cornerstones of the next Samsung Galaxy S6 and this teaser is proof of that. The Exynos 7420 eight-core processor performance boundless promise with 3 GB of RAM (or at least the latest rumors indicate this), while its battery, 200 mAh would have fallen over the previous model in the range (2600 mAh) ensures the latest information, it will last longer than the Galaxy S5 .

However, you have to wait until March 1st for all the details of the terminal but the fact is that it promises a lot.

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