Plume for Twitter to speed up Twitter on Android

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Looking for one of the best app for microblogging? Try Plume!

Plume for Twiter is definitely one of the applications which first appeared on Android systems: with the passage of time and with the release of several updates, the app has been greatly improved, under a large number of aspects.

All those who are curious to know if Plume for Twitter app is still the number one regarding the microblogging, they would do far better to try it.

The main window of Plume for Twitter is the one that displays the tweets of various people who you follow: In addition, the user’s tweets will be indicated by a blue color, while the citations will be included in a hatch, so such as to keep a constant eye on.

In the event that you make a click on a tweet, everything that appears here is a list of features, including Reply there, Open Links, Retweet, Favorite.

Plume for Twitter app is still the number one regarding the microblogging

For all those who are used to fiddle around with Twitter, here’s how the functions listed in the main screen is very intuitive and simple to use. Interestingly, another detail of the timeline, or the fact of being divided into columns, in which we find Quotes, Messages, and Start.

The user has the possibility to choose between five functions via the Start menu: it is Search, Favorites, Most Popular Topics, Twitter Lists, and Columns Organization.

When writing your tweets you have the opportunity to take advantage of a screen that displays various messages in the process of composition including attachments, but also the links and the various quotes; the mute feature is also very interesting, which allows you to make invisible to the topic or tweet.

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