How to prevent Google Photos keeps uploading your snaps online even after you delete the app

How to prevent Google photos app uploading of photos automatically

Some users have found that if you delete the Google Photos app, the service continued to be loaded automatically on the cloud shots taken with the Android smartphone. Google later clarified what is the exact procedure to cancel.

To disable uploading of photos automatically via Google photos app in Android smartphone, visit this link.

Google photos app you want to configure as a service to upload and manage photos in cloud masses. With its plan to free unlimited storage, what Google is the service of automatic loading of their photos more convenient. However, since its debut there have been some problems, such as for example the system of auto-tagging that some primates identified as black men.

How to prevent Google Photos keeps uploading your snaps online even after you delete the app
But the problems of a racial nature are not the only service of Mountain View. In recent days it has spread the news of a problem automatically uploading of photos taken with a Android smartphone.

The issue has been checked and then confirmed by multiple sources since then, and it seems not enough to even disable Google Drive and Google+ app on your smartphone to cause the service to automatically uploading all the shots taken on the device. The strange behavior is related to the fact that the task is not assigned to any of the applications that we reported above, but to an outside service.

A report the exact steps to disable the automatic upload to Google photos app is the same parent company, pointing out that to do this you need to go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Backup Google Photos’ by moving the switch to ‘Off’. Deleting the application in fact is not just, and more intuitive in reality does not lead to the desired result (and more logical).