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Is the price of video games set to rise before Christmas 2020?

Among video game enthusiasts, the wait for the release of the fifth generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X , is already mounting. The two products from Sony and Microsoft have already been unveiled, but although we know the shape, color and characteristics, we do not yet know the precise release date – although according to experts it should be around Christmas 2020.

However, in recent weeks the increase in the price of NBA 2K21 , the most famous and best-selling basketball simulator in the world, has triggered the alarm: it is not that the prices of the video games of the next consoles (and perhaps also of the PC) is destined to rise steeply?

basketball simulator
That of NBA 2K21 (whose game will cost about $ 10 more, both on PS5 and on Xbox Series X) could be only an exception, but Yoshio Osaki , president and Chief Executive Officer of IDG Consulting , is not so optimistic: according to him, this will not be an exception at all, but a rule for all new video games.

In an interview Osaki recalled that the price of video games has remained substantially unchanged in the transition between the third and fourth generation consoles, now fifteen years ago. In the meantime, however, the production cost of a video game has increased between 200% and 300%, even though at the time the price of video games had risen “only” by about 20%.

In partial consolation of all console gamers, who plan to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Osaki said that the price increase should not touch all the new titles, but that it will surely affect the cost of the so-called triple A , that is the most technologically advanced and refined games, of which NBA 2K21 is just an example.

The risk, for the giants of console gaming, can be that of a drop in sales? PlayStation, Xbox and even PC are already fighting a pretty close battle with online games for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, whose technological improvements have led to the creation of a video game experience that does not have much to envy to classic gaming – if not obviously having to play on smaller screens.

Surely the new generation consoles will have a big impact on the global gaming industry, and in all probability we will see a boom in sales, but the feeling is that competition from online and mobile gaming can be felt more and more, especially among the new generations of gamers, increasingly attracted by the ability to play quickly and above all wherever they are.