Retrode cartridges raises Super NES and Sega Genesis

Lovers of old platforms emulation often turn to sources “of dubious origin” to get ROM s for all platforms, but many of them have original games in various formats that would like to use in their emulators.

That is what allows Retrode, a little device that connects via USB to your computer and which allows a ROM from those games we still have in cartridge format. In this case, both for the Nintendo Super NES to the Sega Genesis. By connecting this device to the PC and insert a cartridge, it will appear as a file on an external drive that can be used with our emulator. The system is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Nintendo Super NES to the Sega Genesis

In addition to the port USB , there are two double ports to connect the controls of Sega Genesis and Super NES, and may well combine to play four people at a time. Some users have already shown that this device has even more possibilities, for example you can combine with OUYA or with the singular Raspberry Pi and their emulators quite successfully.

there are two double ports to connect the controls of Sega Genesis and Super NES

Retrode actually not only limited to these cartridges, as their creators sell adapters that allow cartridge cartridges also connect the Sega Master System and the Nintendo 64. And if you had items stored in memory, you’ll recall in the emulator, another advantage of this unique peripheral that, yes, has a price, 65 euros, which clearly intended videogame fans of those classic consoles.


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