Samsung and Intel to award $4M in prizes for Tizen apps

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Lately, the future of the Tizen OS has been much ahead following the updates from Murtazin (a Russian blogger close to the South Korean firm) on the uncertain future of this OS. A tweet that raised serious discussions, given the interest of Samsung really want to wean themselves off of the Android OS, but not without difficulty, as the company has repeatedly postponed the release of its first Smartphone under this new OS that will be developed in collaboration with Intel.

So we can not deny that Samsung is in real trouble in the development of this new OS that perhaps Murtazin about the agony of Tizen, and the likelihood that Samsung finally want to reveal one Smartphone under this operating system before its abandonment. Yet new reports suggest that Samsung has clearly not intended to abandon this OS, far from it. According to The Next Web, Samsung has not waited long before reacting about this rumor, and organizes a contest involving challenge fifty developers who will be nominated by a jury according to the applications they conceive, and be able to share a tidy sum of $ 4.04 million, will attract the interest of developers on this new OS. This is of course a good news for mobile game developers and application developers.

Tizen also wants to highlight the application development in HTML5, and will offer 50,000 dollars to each of the top ten developers of web apps

Samsung has left the competition in two categories, that is to say, classic games and applications. Each category is divided into three spaces which for game category: $ 200 000 for first place, followed by $ 100 000 and $ 40 000 for the second and third place. For the applications implementation category, first place will be $ 120 000 000 while the second and third place have $ 60,000 and 30,000 dollars respectively.

Finally, Tizen also wants to highlight the application development in HTML5, and will offer 50,000 dollars to each of the top ten developers of web apps. Registration for the contest will start in the coming days and will end on 1st November 2013.

It should be noted that the ultimate goal is to locate the Samsung OS in third place of the most used mobile OS in the time after Android and iOS. For this, the company is particularly China which represents a market share of more than significant, and of course South Korea is the headquarters of the firm. By cons, this plan is not unmolested, as other more substantial OS already tailgating this place as Firefox OS, Ubuntu, BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone.

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