Samsung, canceled all orders of the Galaxy Fold folding smartphone

Samsung has not only decided to postpone the commercial launch of its Galaxy Fold, but has also decided to block its pre-orders. But for what reason?

The market launch was set for May 3, yet the Samsung Galaxy Fold – the South Korean manufacturer’s folding smartphone – has not yet managed to reach the shelves of electronics stores due to the extreme fragility of its display .

Samsung, just canceled all orders of the Galaxy Fold folding smartphones

Despite the numerous tests conducted in the laboratory by the same Samsung, which had certified a “resistance” of the display of the Galaxy Fold to over one hundred thousand bends , it seems that those few millimeters that let dust and moisture enter the hinge are a real problem, so much so that the flexible display has begun to break since the first uses .

For this reason, Samsung not only decided to postpone the commercial launch of its Galaxy Fold , but also decided to block its pre-orders .

The timing for the resolution of the problems with the folding smartphone from Samsung is not yet known , but according to the information provided to users by the same South Korean service center, May 31 would be the final deadline for the group to send the device .

“If we are unable to ship the Galaxy Fold by May 31, and if we have no other indication from the buyer, we will automatically cancel the order.” Notify Samsung. Well, if users do not notify the Help Center that they are willing to wait beyond May 31st to receive the Galaxy Fold, Samsung will proceed with the refund and cancel the order .

Meanwhile, those who have no intention of waiting any longer, can already cancel the order of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and request a refund without additional costs.


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