Samsung fixes a security bug in the Samsung Galaxy S4

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For urgent problems, quick answers. Just a few hours ago, we learned that the Korean company Samsung has made an important decision for the safety of the owners of its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Mediatest Digital, dedicated to testing on the safety of mobile devices and software , was able to steal confidential data of some units of this model. Apparently, the names, email addresses and passwords at risk. It is clear that to get them, Mediatest used their sophisticated engineering, which means that access to private information of the users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was difficult, but not impossible. The company moved this information to the average German Heise Security who was commissioned to confirm the problem. After sending this information to the company itself Samsung, the manufacturer responded to the problem immediately, so no need to worry.

Samsung Galaxy S4 due to rapid wear and tear of the batteries of their mobile devices

Throughout all these years and unlike other companies, Samsung has practiced transparency. And this time could not happen otherwise. As revealed by the average Heise, Samsung took a few hours to respond. So much so that just five days later, has publicly announced that the security hole has been fixed. Unfortunately, we have no information detailing the type of tests have been conducted and the characteristics of the patch. What made Mediatest to squeeze through this hole was to access the device via the WiFi connection. Thus, anyone who could hack the team would have access to personal user data, but could also record and track the movements you do with your phone in your pocket. It could also lock the device and redirect calls to fraudulent numbers.

Luckily, right now the ruling already has a solution. From this point, it is best for users who have a Samsung Galaxy S4 is change passwords. It is a task that everyone should do often, but in this case the gesture is required. You can change them by clicking your user accounts on Samsung through the web. For other services (email accounts, social networks and any other areas in which you subscribe), accessed either via mobile phone or the web, and it changes keys. It is a simple task that will help protect your security doubly aboard the mobile.

If after that you want to continue protecting your mobile phone on the market have different solutions at your disposal that allow you to add an extra protection to your Android. You must not forget that the Google OS is already present in more than 80% of smartphones today, so in a short time has become an interesting target for hackers. Several security companies offers its customers (both individuals and companies) package Security for Android that provides protection when surfing the Internet and is able to detect malicious apps and Android virus. They also protect you from annoying calls and SMS advertising and activate different password protection systems. It is easy to use and includes protection for loss or theft to lock the device, locate and delete the data remotely.

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