Samsung Galaxy S4: Floating Touch Display And Green PHOLED Display

New features of the next leaked Samsung Galaxy S4, at least according to the latest rumors. In fact, it should be equipped with Floating Touch, a technology that allows you to interact with the display without touching it, already seen with the Sony Xperia. Until now it was possible to obtain a very similar thing by Samsung Air View, to see for example a preview photos within an album.

Galaxy S4 will be officially presented on March 14 in New York

Until now this was only possible via special interaction S-PEN and then only available with the standard Notes. This time, however, it seems that Samsung wants to bring this functionality with Samsung Galaxy S4, to make it even smarter. Novelty, however, should be the display. There is talk of a new AMOLED material, called Green PHOLED, able to make the display 25% more efficient in brightness and energy saving. Of course this is an advantage for battery life.

The version of Android that will be sold is the 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 can be updated to the same month of marketing. It will also be equipped with a camera called Samsung Orb able to take pictures at 360 degrees, a bit as it already does Photo Sphere. The technical specifications are once again confirmed by the octa-core processor 1.8 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, the Full HD display and 13 MP camera. The Galaxy S4 will be officially presented on March 14 in New York. In the meantime you can read all the news leaked in recent days to this address.