Samsung Galaxy S8: some users report strange black lines on the screen

Not stopped yet! More or less serious problems encountered by the public with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. After the case of the “red-colored” screen , the latest iteration of the popular smartphone has been the subject of further reports regarding an annoying effect “ghosting” that would affect the display only occasionally or, as some complain, even permanently.

screen Samsung Galaxy S8: some users report strange black lines on the screen
The defect detected primarily by Phandroid portal seems to result in small black lines visible on a white background. The artifacts would be noticed more by using the zoom in documents, or paying special attention to the rim edge of the screen, where they appear much more defined. According to the opinion of most knowledgeable users, the problem would be found in silicon polycrystalline at a low temperature is used to create the screen, and Samsung does not remain other choice but to change the constructive material of the display.

Many are afraid of the idea that the Super AMOLED Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is undermined by intrinsic defects and therefore can not be solved with a simple software operation. Returning to the screen in red hues, Samsung said in recent days that the problem can easily be solved with a small adjustment in the settings. Certainly, in this case it does not seem to be able to remedy the black lines a simple change of hue of the display color.

As often happens, users’ complaints have already been around the web multiplied exponentially in the last hours. There are already those cries of scandal, convinced that these “ghost” lines are another result of little foresight on the part of the manufacturer to screen calibration. Useless paranoia aside, Samsung has not officially intervened on the issue.


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