Samsung GT-E1260B: economical phone with full keyboard

While the Finnish Nokia has chosen to give more weight to touch screens in its range of cheap mobile Nokia Asha, the South Korean Samsung change of pace, printing more importance on devices with hardware keyboard. At least that is checked by looking at the device that has been filtered through SamMobile, one terminal of the range Ch@t that responds to the model code Samsung GT-E1260B. This is a phone that dispenses with touch screen and buttons offer a design that both popularized the Canadian BlackBerry RIM throughout their range, but has already been assumed by almost all major manufacturers.

Samsung GT-E1260B: economical phone with full keyboard

The Samsung GT-E1260B is a device that combines the simplicity and affordability to entice your target audience. The panel, which as already noted, no touchscreen, has a size of two inches and a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The degree of simplicity that reaches the device is such that it even has an integrated camera on the back of the terminal, and also boasts 3G connectivity. Moreover, given that takes a battery of 800 milliamperes, you can make a profile that do not bet on your processor power, and most likely the case of a GSM mobile which also provides data access GPRS.

Put another way, the connections will be most limited, but, yes, you will not miss Bluetooth connector and microUSB. Not known the price of this Samsung GT-E1260B, although the first bet placed the cost of mobile free form below the $ 100-that is, from 80 euros at current exchange rates-with what the competition quoted directly with Nokia Asha is more than evident. Brazil seems to be the first country to put it on sale and expected to gradually spread its launch in other markets that integrate the Samsung GT-E1260B in their respective national catalogs.

Having reviewed the main technical features of the Samsung GT-E1260B is clear that this is not one of the portfolio of Android phones from Samsung. In contrast, we see that the terminal works with the native platform icons for devices that are outside the borders of the types of smartphones and smart phones.

It is no coincidence that Samsung put the view to expand its family of devices on this side of the catalog. This year, for the first time, has placed first in the ranking of manufacturers of mobile phones, ahead of Nokia, which has conceived the current year as a time to redesign their business strategy, which means developing a rich offer in the segment of smartphones, through the range Lumia and Nokia Belle and affordable handsets, with the aforementioned Nokia Asha.

South Korea, meanwhile, will play in various leagues, gambling a part of their plans for systems Windows Phone, which will soon have its new version, Windows Phone 8 and Tizen, which absorb the concept Bada. However, almost all the meat from the grill Korean will go into the embers of Android, a segment that is showing excellent results. Reported sales of Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are proof of that. And in return for this strategy also works well positioned in the section on economic and simple terminals, as anticipated launch of the Samsung GT-E1260B.

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