rumors spoke of a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 with this flexible type of screen

Samsung is ready to launch flexible screen smartphone

In recent weeks, there have been many rumors about the LG Flex, future smartphone with flexible display from LG. But today, it seems that Samsung is taking the lead in this area. According to the Korean site Asiae, Samsung might announce later this week the Samsung Galaxy Round that would be a flexible screen Smartphone.

This device could have almost the same specifications as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In other words, the Galaxy Round would be the famous special edition of Note 3 as we heard last month. Instead of glass, the device would be equipped with a plastic panel, which would make it more durable. One would think that the plastic instead of glass make the device cheaper, yet it will not be the case.

rumors spoke of a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 with this flexible type of screen

Because the price of Galaxy Round is estimated at 1 million won, or about 900 U.S. dollars. It is a bit expensive for a Smartphone. But if the Galaxy Round were to be sold in Europe, there is a good chance that the price is more at around 700 euros. It is also said that this smartphone will be built in limited edition, which would justify its price.

I can not wait to test a flexible smartphone screen, the story of how manufacturers are doing to adopt such technology on a smartphone more than 5 inches.


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