Samsung will fix storage problem on the 16GB Galaxy S4

After the controversy over the limited storage space 9 GB and 16 GB models of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung said at the BBC report on the smartphone that will address this problem. In fact, if you have a Galaxy S4 16GB, and you looked at the storage space available to you to store apps and games, you will find that you will not be entitled to a just under 9 GB. Therefore, the South Korean firm said it will consider the possibility of obtaining more memory space by optimizing its software.

Samsung stated that he needed all that space to provide all the new features of its flagship smartphone

Previously, Samsung stated that he needed all that space to provide all the new features of its flagship smartphone. Therefore, if the user wants to store the maximum possible media file, it must use a Micro SD card. However, this does not solve any problems if normal users, because the space for storing applications and games is limited. If we take for example the case of the game Real Racing 3 or the ShadowGun you can immediately expect in the memory. Of course, it is possible to install their applications on the memory card, but this practice is not given to everyone.

In any case, if only the 16GB version is currently marketed in Europe, Google announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition at its Google I / O area, and released in the month of June. This new version also has a memory of 16 GB, but however the stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean without intensive features you can find the classic S4. If you are thus decided to buy a S4, this model is probably the best alternative.


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