Samsung and Intel does not intend to abandon Tizen

A few days ago, a rumor suggested that Samsung begins to exasperate the development of Tizen to hence the delay in the output of the latter, and it is quite possible that the South Korean firm not to finish out one running this OS designed with Intel prior to abandon the project altogether device. A tweet is highly contested by many analysts, because they claim that Samsung has really come off Android in favor of another designed by the firm’s own operating system.

However, a new report again just hit the canvas partially contradicting the theory Murtazin, because it is true that Samsung is still working on Tizen and the future of this OS is uncertain against Samsung account by actually well develop a new OS to detach from Android, but we do not know if it is still the same Tizen developed since the beginning of the project, or if Samsung completely change its roadmap from the SDK released it that are a few days.

Samsung and Intel not giving up on Tizen

In any case, you always wonder if making a new operating system is always a good idea. It should be noted that the young BlackBerry 10 is still struggling to implement in the Smartphone market today, although it is beginning to have some notoriety. Of course, a normal user does not make the difference between this OS or another as long as the application of this OS shop offers many applications and games than the competition. The hardest thing for a new OS would indeed be able to convince developers.

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