Skype Mobile Version allows video calls in HD

Gradually Skype application continues to release features and enhancements for major mobile platforms. A communication tool that has always opted for the video call to keep in touch no matter the distance, and now wants to improve on the platform iOS. For it has released a new update with few but substantial improvements. Of course, the highlight can only be used from an iPhone 5S, due to its technical qualities.

This is the 4.17 version of Skype for iOS, is that the new version affects both the iPhone and the iPad. A new version with few changes. The highlight is definitely the possibility of HD or HD video call. One feature that is currently only terminals iPhone 5S can be performed. This means harnessing the potential of the rear camera 8 megapixels or even the front (more common to see the caller on the screen) of 1.2 megapixels to send a video signal crisp and clear. This means having images full of detail provided that the provision of a good internet connection. Just make a video call on a regular basis, but to see this picture in HD is necessary for the caller have an iPhone 5S to get a HD signal on screen.

in this new version of Skype has an improvement involves a faster synchronization of messages between different devices

The other feature that brings this new version applies to all iOS terminals. It is a useful tool for the most frequent users of this application function. And is that she can now receive message notifications directly on the lock screen of the terminal. This means having messages that can be read or whose recipient can do with a single glance, without accessing the application if you do not want to answer. The good thing is that now these notifications and messages are received even when the application is closed. Something similar to what happens with WhatsApp. This is not necessary to maintain Skype active at all times, knowing that their messages will be received the same way, and alerting the user from the same lock screen.

Finally in this new version of Skype has an improvement involves a faster synchronization of messages between different devices. This means changing the iPhone to the iPad, or vice versa, at any time and continue with a conversation from the same point where it left off. All this almost instantly, without waiting for the message to load. A good quality also to spend the portable device to the computer, avoiding misunderstandings or unnecessary waiting when changing platform.

In short, an update that is not surprising for groundbreaking qualities, but adds interesting features especially for the most frequent users are always aware of your messages and wanting to see clearly and distinctly to their partners through the screen. The new version of Skype is now available through the App Store so totally free.

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