The unique applications of Windows Phone 8

Some unique applications of Windows Phone 8

Just yesterday we saw, more or less detailed, what are the new features of the new operating system from Microsoft for smartphones, known as Windows Phone 8. All thanks to a presentation of only one time when there was time to show their virtues, using the beautiful actress Jessica Alba gives your phone and of course, the applications that this operating system comes standard and is exclusive from the time of its release. We turn to react.

The unique applications of Windows Phone 8

Look and Feel

Despite not being an application itself, the interface or visual aspect is one of the characteristic features of Windows Phone since its inception just over a year. In this new version, Microsoft has evolved its home screen to customize and adapt to the taste and needs. Thus, applications on this screen can have three sizes different live tiles or animated icons. You just have to do a long press and vary the size between small, medium and large, to place it in any space, having more or less information from the home screen.

Live Apps

A few days ago we told you about the animated backgrounds for lock screen of Windows Phone 8. Well, it has finally been confirmed and, what is better surprised us with new functions. And, in this new operating system developers can create special lock screens of their applications. A good example is showing the new application for Facebook. With it, once you block the terminal, you can see quickly without having to unlock the pending notifications or the latest images shared on the wall, a feature that allows you to further customize the terminal. Another example that was discussed during the presentation is to transform the lock screen into a digital picture frame, displaying user’s favorite images or content from other applications.


Although only announced, without providing any performance or image of your design for this platform, was one of the new applications most surprised at the presentation. Pandora, a platform of music over the Internet allows you to hear different music channels, songs and radios. What is striking is that in Windows Phone 8, Pandora comes with a free subscription for a year. Something that is without ads and advertising interruption, without reproductions and listening limit that seen on Spotify.