Sony Xperia T: how to share files using NFC

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Sony Xperia T, the current flagship of the Japanese company, has a large multi-touch screen from 4.55 inches. It also has one of cameras more powerful camera of the market with a 13 megapixel sensor capable of recording video in Full HD.

One of the files that most often share is are pictures and videos recorded with the terminal. And Sony Xperia T is one of the smartphones on the market with better results in these matters

On the other hand, this Sony Xperia T boasts one of the connections of the moment, known as NFC (Near Field Communication) with which it is not necessary to use any type of cable to connect to other computers, or compatible accessories. But I want to explain a bit how to use this technology in different cases. That Yes, all of them, the steps are quite simple.

Previous steps

Before you can use the NFC-wireless connection, standard user must enable it in the terminal settings. How is this done? Very simple: the customer must go to the main menu and enter “Settings”. Then, enter the submenu “Connections and networks” and enter in the ‘More’ option. There you must check the NFC, and then Android Beam, the role that made an appearance in the presentation of the last version of the Google mobile platform: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Transfer music files between mobile

NFC wireless communication standard is capable of transferring large files and a heavy file type are the songs or media files. As well, having the mobile two advanced technology enabled. Secondly, you should select the track that you want to transfer to another terminal.

A time inside, click on the desired track and leave it starts to play. The development of transfer is irrelevant if playback is paused or active. After this, the back of the Sony Xperia T next to the rear of the chassis of the mobile receiver is placed. Once they are connected through NFC, a warning tone will sound and vibrate both teams. Then appears an image in miniature of the track and you must select the transfer will begin. In a matter of second, time depends on the size of the files, song will play on the receiver smartphone, at a time which will automatically be saved in the memory.

Transfer photos or videos

One of the files that most often share is are pictures and videos recorded with the terminal. And Sony Xperia T is one of the smartphones on the market with better results in these matters. Because well, once inside the main menu, the user should contact the icon of “Album”, place in which are stored all the images and videos that has the team in his memory.

Once inside, you must dial the photo or video that you want to share, and then proceed with the same steps above: place the two (transmitter and receiver) behind him, one of the other teams. When the connection has been established, both terminals will vibrate and they emit a sound to notify the customer. Then appears, again, the thumbnail of the file that you want to share, and will have to press to start the transfer. After finishing with the transfer, the image – or video – will be stored in the interior of the mobile receiver.

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