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7 steps to create the perfect password: hard to hack and easy to remember

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Keeping one’s privacy safe on the Internet should be a top priority for the entire population. Unfortunately, many users do not give the importance it deserves to this aspect, and use security methods that are, at all, less secure.

Only a few months ago, you brought you the complete list of the most unsafe passwords most used in 2016 , full of words easy to remember – and hacking – or numeric strings without too much mystery, that anyone could decipher, thus endangering the information more personal and sensitive users.

perfect password should be difficult to find out and decipher for third parties

Therefore, today you want to offer you 7 simple steps with which you can create a perfect password , almost impossible to hack , and most importantly: easy to remember.

As you commented, a perfect password should be difficult to find out and decipher for third parties , besides, of course, easy to remember for us. It is of no use creating a 100% secure password, if the next day you will not remember it, and you do not use one of the many password managers available on Android. Now, thanks to these 7 tips, you can create a much safer password than the one you currently have.

1-The more characters, the better

Creating a 50-character password to keep your email account safe or your Android lock screen is not the most comfortable in the world. Even so, it is recommended that the length of this is greater than 8 characters , so that no software is able to find out using “brute force” techniques, which consists of testing different digits until you find the correct sequence .

2-Use uppercase and lowercase letters

Most services are able to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters in passwords . Undoubtedly, this is a very simple process that can increase several levels the security of your password. But it is not only useful to use capital letters, but they should be located along the password in a random and unjustified way , so that only you know where they are.

3-Use numbers and letters

As in the case of capital letters, entering numbers randomly along the password , will allow you to increase the security of the password in a simple way. In order to remember the numbers used, it is advisable to replace them with letters with a certain kinship.

4-Take advantage of symbols and special characters

Surely on your keyboard you have symbols that you do not even know what they are for. Creating a password can be a very good excuse to give them a specific use, and is that entering special characters in your password , translates into greater complexity, and therefore an infinitely safer password.

5-Forget the sequences

Yes, passwords like “1234” or “qwerty” are very easy to remember, but also very easy to hack . One of the most advisable aspects when creating a password is not to use logic sequences as a series of numbers or letters, as these types of passwords, in addition to being very unsafe, are the first to be checked by the majority Of software in charge of decoding them.

7 simple steps with which you can create a perfect password , almost impossible to hack and most importantly: easy to remember

6-Do not use personal information

Creating a password consisting of personal information such as your name or date of birth can be a very bad idea when it comes to keeping privacy safe.

To this day, you are so exposed on the Internet that anyone can access this type of information about us, so the best thing to do when creating a password is to use words or information that only makes sense to you . In addition, if your password consists of several words, it is advisable that they do not have any relationship between them with the naked eye, even if they have some meaning for us.

7-Take advantage of the letter Ñ

We told you this morning: entering the letter “Ñ” in your password can add up to 1,000 years of protection . This is because most keyboards do not incorporate this letter, and therefore the passwords that include it are notably more difficult to be hacked.


Although it seems simple, creating a secure password is a more complex process than you could imagine at first . Not only is it necessary to use relatively advanced techniques to prevent it from being identified by a threat, but it should also be simple enough to remember for us.

We hope that these tips have been useful to you, and now you encourage you to leave you your opinion in the comments: What tricks do you use when creating your passwords?

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