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Applications to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

Android Apps to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

Applications to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

We live constantly exposed to sources of intense light; the computer, the mobile, the games and the television exhaust to our eyes, reverberating remarkably in our vision. If you have begun to notice the effects, which include headaches, here we present 4 applications to improve the vision that will help you with your discomfort.

The following Android applications to improve vision can be found in the Google Play store. They are free versions, accessible to anyone and easy to use. Of course, none of them replace the care of a professional doctor; They are just to take care and exercise your eyes. Always go to your doctor .

These apps for Android range from simple filters to give advice on how to take care of our eyes and what we should eat to improve vision.

EasyEyes: applications to improve vision

This application, once installed, will put a filter on our phones to reduce the light intensity of these. To activate it you just have to enter the app and touch the drawing of an eye that appears . By doing so the eye will open and the filter that will protect your eyes will automatically activate. This is how EasyEyes works .

The intensity of the filter can be configured from the Configuration option , which is among the options that appear in the sliding panel that appears on the left of the screen. With a simple pass you can increase the level of the filter , adapting it to your daily needs.

EasyEyes allows you to program your intensity according to the schedule. You can program it to lower the filter during the day and increase it at night. Precisely, using the mobile phone at night is what causes the most damage in our eyes. We recommend that you activate this application.

Eye Care Plus: Android apps to improve vision

The second on our list of applications to improve vision will entertain you while you exercise your eyes. Eye Care Plus is an app that contains several exercises and tips to take care of our eye health. It is one of the most recommended by the eye doctors, because the tests they contain help detect early vision problems.

Eye Car Plus is quite complete and fulfills what it promises, take care of our eyes. Its handling is quite friendly; a child could use it without any inconvenience. In fact, it contains a section of Games for the little ones to play. This has the purpose that the exams are not tedious and can do them more regularly.

This application has versions for different platforms. Yes, you can also have it on your PC to be able to use it while charging your mobile.

HelpEyes: apps to improve vision

Imagine you need to wear reading glasses and you lose them on the way to the restaurant. How will you read the menu card? Some sites usually offer courtesy lenses for their customers to get out of trouble. However, it is usually quite embarrassing to request them. HelpEyes is the application you need to get out of trouble.

The third of our list of applications to improve vision is about “virtual lenses.” Once installed, you can choose between several models of lenses that HelpEyes present for free. When you have selected the model all you have to do is adjust the level of vision and go.

Help Eyes works like a magnifying glass. Just pass the mobile on what you want to read and you can do it clearly, without forcing your eyes.

Light Blue Filter: to improve vision

Finally we will talk about Blue Light Filter , the favorite of many among the applications to improve vision. In Google Play has more than 340 thousand downloads and thousands of positive comments. What makes it so special? Well it is a filter for the mobile quite easy to use.

Like the first app in this list, Blue Light Filter will put a dark filter to reduce the light level. You can choose between seven colors of filters, which can be modified in intensity. The darker the tonality, the higher the level of relaxation that our eyes will have.

This app also has a premium option (payment), which allows you to program the filters so that they adapt to our daily needs. Another benefit will be to allow us to activate / deactivate the application from the home screen of our mobile, and other functions.

So far our list of recommendations for applications to improve vision. No need to download the four, with which you use the first two is more than enough to take care of your eyes.

Buffer on Android provides a free and easy way to share your media on many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google

Best Android Apps to Manage Blogs in WordPress

There are many Android applications available that can help bloggers, WordPress developers and administrators to be productive when they are on the move. Apart from the obvious applications that everyone uses, or at least think about when you mention Android applications, there are many that would help developers to be more productive that are not so well known.

Buffer on Android provides a free and easy way to share your media on many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google

This article gives a look at the applications you probably do not use. These applications are designed to make your life easier when it comes to improving your website. They include social networking, posting articles, managing pictures, recording notes, administration and more. I was also surprised to see that some of the most popular desktop applications are not used so much on Android.


Buffer on Android provides a free and easy way to share your media on many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and App.net. Schedule your content to be published at optimum times. You can create a content queue and Buffer will post it for you. You can also view analytics from the application that include statistics from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Buffer application also works with news reader applications such as Flipboard, Zite, Taptu, TweetDeck, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Pulse, Feedly, UberSocial, Plume, Seesmic, Google Currents and more, making it a handy application for all Android users.


Simplenote is from Automattic – the creators of WordPress. This free app provides an easy way to keep notes, create lists and more. You can sync with all your devices. The goal is speed and efficiency. You can search your notes and organize them with tags and bed bugs. This is an excellent tool to keep your thoughts and ideas organized, for example for blog posts, surveys, etc.


Instapaper is an easy way to store articles for reading. This is a great way to read articles while offline. Format the article so you can read without distractions, providing a clean reading environment. You can sort your unread articles by date, popularity, duration, and even shuffle them. You can download 500 articles on your Android device and organize them into folders if you wish. Even more impressive, you can store unlimited items on your website. Includes dictionary and Wikipedia searches and allows you to preview each article.

Easy WordPress and Blogger

This free application is designed to provide you with a simplified interface for composing articles. Facilitate common tasks. It has drag and drop, create appointment blocks and lists, import quick images from your phone, supports tags and also several blogs. It is not a complete site management tool, it greatly simplifies the publishing process for those occasions when you need to perform an update from your phone.

MailChimp for Android

The MailChimp platform is very popular for desktops, but the application is not used as much as it should. This free application allows you to create emails, manage your lists and subscribers and view your reports as you would on your desktop. You can filter by group, find subscribers near your current location, find out who’s involved with your campaign, and more.

Social Office Suite

This application was designed for business owners and administrators with the goal of building their brand. It provides an easy way to build an online community. This is one of those tools designed to make your business management more efficient. It is scalable so your team can use it no matter how much your business grows and your social environment. Provides metrics, collaboration, and effectiveness in publishing and public feedback. Not bad for a free application. Additionally, to get a more detailed report of your website we recommend Google tools .

Summarizing the best applications

Blogging from a phone or a tablet is not usually the first choice, however, there are times when something has to be posted as soon as possible. There are also times when you have a free time you want to use that time to maintain your site, make updates, eliminate spam comments, post something on social networks or otherwise be productive. Of course, these applications also run on Chromebooks, so they are not only useful for when you are on the move. But they will help you to be more productive with your WordPress site directly or indirectly, saving time and improving your efficiency.

3D Home is a fantastic lightweight launcher for Android thanks to which you can manage your home screen

Best Android Launcher 3D Home

There are many launcher for Android available on Google Play Store that allow you to customize your own home but thankfully not all offer the same features. Today we will put special attention to one of the best Android launcher with which you can simulate your home on the home of your device and all in 3D mode!

3D Home is a fantastic lightweight launcher for Android thanks to which you can manage your home screen as a real room of the house in fact, inside you can find a TV, Notebook, a remote control, a calendar, a phone and so on which each of these, you can assign a specific task how to start the gallery, the camera app, address book, voice dialing and so on.

Well, let’s find out together all the details of one of the best Android Launcher!

3D Home is a fantastic lightweight launcher for Android thanks to which you can manage your home screen

The launcher also allows you to change Android theme available directly from the store inside the application which will replace the default ones directly. Unlike many other launcher, 3D Home is accurate in every detail and offers a wide range of customization such as the ability to add third-party widgets and resize, quick access to the app Weather and much more! Among other things, it also has special effects with 3D animations giving a truly unique look to your device! Definitely this is one of the best Android launcher.

3D Home also allows you to change Android theme available directly from the store inside the application

The only flaw of this Android application, the amount of RAM that the latter requires in fact after several tests it was found that the launcher is about 80 Mb. However, you must consider the fact that the application is still fledgling therefore it is assumed that very soon you will see a new update that will improve and solve some of the problems present.

And what do you think of this magnificent Android Launcher? Do you think it really is one of the best Android Launcher?

Plume for Twitter app is still the number one regarding the microblogging

Plume for Twitter to speed up Twitter on Android

Looking for one of the best app for microblogging? Try Plume!

Plume for Twiter is definitely one of the applications which first appeared on Android systems: with the passage of time and with the release of several updates, the app has been greatly improved, under a large number of aspects.

All those who are curious to know if Plume for Twitter app is still the number one regarding the microblogging, they would do far better to try it.

The main window of Plume for Twitter is the one that displays the tweets of various people who you follow: In addition, the user’s tweets will be indicated by a blue color, while the citations will be included in a hatch, so such as to keep a constant eye on.

In the event that you make a click on a tweet, everything that appears here is a list of features, including Reply there, Open Links, Retweet, Favorite.

Plume for Twitter app is still the number one regarding the microblogging

For all those who are used to fiddle around with Twitter, here’s how the functions listed in the main screen is very intuitive and simple to use. Interestingly, another detail of the timeline, or the fact of being divided into columns, in which we find Quotes, Messages, and Start.

The user has the possibility to choose between five functions via the Start menu: it is Search, Favorites, Most Popular Topics, Twitter Lists, and Columns Organization.

When writing your tweets you have the opportunity to take advantage of a screen that displays various messages in the process of composition including attachments, but also the links and the various quotes; the mute feature is also very interesting, which allows you to make invisible to the topic or tweet.

With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail

Schedule emails, SMS or social networking on Android

Have you ever needed to send an email to a specific time and you have been impossible? Like say good morning to your followers on Facebook or Twitter at a certain time? Or, do you want to send an SMS to a contact for her birthday and always forgets you? If you have a phone with Android all this can be solved by using the application Schemes.

With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail

It is difficult to always be available to send a text message (SMS), email messages or through social networks. It is quite possible that the time indicated for this procedure while you forget it. Hence, there are some solutions for these cases. For Android platform there is a free application called Schemes, available for download on Google Play.

Once downloaded the application on the smartphone, you only need to enter the account data to be used. With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail. Once data is entered in the accounts, the application is ready to be used and programmed.

The screen where you create the texts to be sent later, has a clean and very intuitive interface: you only have to choose the services that are going to come into play-you can use the previous four at a time. Place the recipient as if it were an email, write the text, and you program the day and time where you have to leave for your destination.

But you must take into account some limitations such that if the user normally works with different user accounts, both email and social media, it must go in and out to switch accounts; Schemes only works with an account. To get in or out of them, the user must press the “Menu” main settings appear where you can leave the accounts that are being used at that moment.

Also keep in mind that the application will only work with Google email service, GMail; other accounts on services like Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, corporate email, etc. are not supported by this new feature.

Now, what do you get with Schemes? Let the Android device becomes all a work tool and make the user do their work on necessary day and time. On the other hand, if you do not want to have any of the accounts (Twitter or Facebook) abandoned for many hours, or you want to be timely in sending a greeting here you can enter SMS, Schemes can be a good choice. Similarly, in Google Play there are other options like TweetCaster or Buffer which will undertake to the Timeline of active user, through its programming service messages. These two options are also free.

avoid unnecessary data rate of applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to avoid Android applications update with data rates

If you have many applications installed on Android mobile, there are chances that every few minutes one of them has a new applications update. Hence, you must bear in mind that if the store of Google is not configured correctly, it is very possible that in a usual exits to the street can become a feast of downloads and consume, perfectly, 150 MB needlessly. So what to do?

avoid unnecessary data rate of applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4
The first thing the user will enter the store is Google Play or Play Store. Once get inside, you must press the menu button that is usually on the chassis or, if the terminal does not have these, you can be one of the three virtual buttons that are in the bottom of the screen. It may be noted that the smartphone gives several options. So which is the penultimate interested “Settings”.

This option will provide all the customization that has the app store Google mobile platform. And only there to click on that says “Update Automatically“. There will be three possibilities to choose: “No applications update automatically“, “Update applications automatically at any time” it will also use 3G networks – and indicating “Update automatically applications over WiFi only“.

If you do not want to make unnecessary data rate, which interest the customer are the first and last choice. With the first, the customer must enter the same virtual start menu and select “My Applications”. All appear to be installed on the terminal and indicate if an update or not. By choosing each, you can install the new versions when the client wishes.

However, if you choose the last alternative, the new versions will be installed during the days alone. Yes, only when the Android smartphone is connected to a WiFi wireless point, this being the most convincing alternative and will do that once you get home or the office WiFi, applications update are started.

Finally, in the “Settings” of Google Play also possible to set a password for purchases, a totally recommended step and thus avoid paid apps installed by mistake. How to apply a filter in searches and the results show that the level of maturity of the applications put another way: if it comes to applications with high sexual content.

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation

Facebook Could Present Its Own User Interface For Android Phones

On April 4, Facebook will teach something new related to the operating system of Google, Android. For some time, it has been rumored on several occasions that the company Mark Zuckerberg was thinking to launch its own smartphone market. However, in the event that the company is expected to show social network a new user interface for green android mobile platform.

The great social network Facebook being left behind. He knows that the mobile terminals are a great springboard to pair this platform, and more, if it is the most used operating system worldwide with more than 80 percent of the market share. Moreover, it is not the first time he has worked with some mark in the industry, as is the case with HTC.

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation, which can be the slogan: “Come see our new home on Android.” Hence, the speculation has not been long in coming and is betting on a new user custom interface-layer that would be based on Android.

However, there are others who are favoring the presentation of its own smartphone market and compete with the big boys. Mind you, it would not be the only company that would start in this market: Amazon has also confirmed that this year they will come with a smart phone and could have as its main argument great service platform today, and enjoy the different tablets.

Still, the proposal would be the most logical one: an interface based on the services it offers full integration with Facebook and all. Also, the website TechCrunch doesn’t not ruled out the possibility that during the event next Thursday, a new smartphone made an appearance. And, the Taiwanese HTC could have much to do in this regard.

On the other hand, it has also considered the possibility that it is a single mode application launcher as those already in the Google Play store. But again TechCrunch believes that the scope of this paper intends to go further. And that goal would certainly be able to achieve the release of its own terminal. Yes, present your operating system is the first step.

But what do you especially should not do Facebook with this release? Perhaps most important would be to have a fully functional phone with green android platform and don not restrict the installation of third party applications. This is something that will surely not get the phone to launch Amazon along this year, the company’s practice is to present a modified version on their computers, which only rotates about its services. Now, all is conjecture and Facebook reveal all the mystery in a few days. What is clear is that the company will bet for a more technological social life.