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Android apps from using data

Prevent Android apps from using data in the background

For someone who does not want applications to perform analysis and share their own data in the background, it may be good to disable their use of data in the background. Not only does it save data and battery on your Android mobile phone , but it also ensures that apps don’t do anything suspicious in the background.

Android apps from using data

For example, you don’t want an offline call recording application to access the data and send the metadata to a third-party server for further analysis. Additionally, you can choose to disable background data usage for apps that are rapidly depleting your internet data plan. So, if you want to prevent Android apps from using them, follow our simple tutorial below.

Tips to Prevent Android apps from using data in the background

1. To prevent an application from using data in the background, press and hold the application icon and tap “ Application Information ” from the pop-up menu. On some devices, you may need to tap the “i” icon.

2. Alternatively, you can open Settings -> Applications and notifications and go to “See all applications” to find the list of all applications installed on your Android phone. Now, open the application for which you want to disable its use. You will go directly to the application information page for that particular application.

3. Once you are here, go to “Mobile data and WiFi” and disable the switch next to “Background data”. Doing this will prevent the application from sending or receiving that data. Keep in mind that the app will still be able to use data when it’s open.

4. In case you want to completely close the access to the data of an application (even when the application is open), enable the switch next to “Disable WiFi” and “Disable data use” It will restrict the application to use mobile data or WiFi even when the app is active. Please note that this option is only available on Android 11 .

On Android 10 or earlier

If you have Android 10 or an earlier version, you must open “Data usage” and disable the “Background data” option .


In MIUI, there is no option to disable the use of this data, but you can completely disable the use of data for an application. Open the application information page by following steps n. 1 or n. 2 above and then select ”Restrict data usage”. Here, uncheck the option for “WiFi” and “Mobile data” and tap “OK.”

Prevent Android apps from using mobile data in the background

Here’s how you can prevent Android apps from using your data in the background. If you are running the realme UI or other versions of Android, then the procedure is almost similar. Just open the app’s info page and turn off data usage.

Applications to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

Android Apps to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

Applications to improve vision: your eyes will thank you

We live constantly exposed to sources of intense light; the computer, the mobile, the games and the television exhaust to our eyes, reverberating remarkably in our vision. If you have begun to notice the effects, which include headaches, here we present 4 applications to improve the vision that will help you with your discomfort.

The following Android applications to improve vision can be found in the Google Play store. They are free versions, accessible to anyone and easy to use. Of course, none of them replace the care of a professional doctor; They are just to take care and exercise your eyes. Always go to your doctor .

These apps for Android range from simple filters to give advice on how to take care of our eyes and what we should eat to improve vision.

EasyEyes: applications to improve vision

This application, once installed, will put a filter on our phones to reduce the light intensity of these. To activate it you just have to enter the app and touch the drawing of an eye that appears . By doing so the eye will open and the filter that will protect your eyes will automatically activate. This is how EasyEyes works .

The intensity of the filter can be configured from the Configuration option , which is among the options that appear in the sliding panel that appears on the left of the screen. With a simple pass you can increase the level of the filter , adapting it to your daily needs.

EasyEyes allows you to program your intensity according to the schedule. You can program it to lower the filter during the day and increase it at night. Precisely, using the mobile phone at night is what causes the most damage in our eyes. We recommend that you activate this application.

Eye Care Plus: Android apps to improve vision

The second on our list of applications to improve vision will entertain you while you exercise your eyes. Eye Care Plus is an app that contains several exercises and tips to take care of our eye health. It is one of the most recommended by the eye doctors, because the tests they contain help detect early vision problems.

Eye Car Plus is quite complete and fulfills what it promises, take care of our eyes. Its handling is quite friendly; a child could use it without any inconvenience. In fact, it contains a section of Games for the little ones to play. This has the purpose that the exams are not tedious and can do them more regularly.

This application has versions for different platforms. Yes, you can also have it on your PC to be able to use it while charging your mobile.

HelpEyes: apps to improve vision

Imagine you need to wear reading glasses and you lose them on the way to the restaurant. How will you read the menu card? Some sites usually offer courtesy lenses for their customers to get out of trouble. However, it is usually quite embarrassing to request them. HelpEyes is the application you need to get out of trouble.

The third of our list of applications to improve vision is about “virtual lenses.” Once installed, you can choose between several models of lenses that HelpEyes present for free. When you have selected the model all you have to do is adjust the level of vision and go.

Help Eyes works like a magnifying glass. Just pass the mobile on what you want to read and you can do it clearly, without forcing your eyes.

Light Blue Filter: to improve vision

Finally we will talk about Blue Light Filter , the favorite of many among the applications to improve vision. In Google Play has more than 340 thousand downloads and thousands of positive comments. What makes it so special? Well it is a filter for the mobile quite easy to use.

Like the first app in this list, Blue Light Filter will put a dark filter to reduce the light level. You can choose between seven colors of filters, which can be modified in intensity. The darker the tonality, the higher the level of relaxation that our eyes will have.

This app also has a premium option (payment), which allows you to program the filters so that they adapt to our daily needs. Another benefit will be to allow us to activate / deactivate the application from the home screen of our mobile, and other functions.

So far our list of recommendations for applications to improve vision. No need to download the four, with which you use the first two is more than enough to take care of your eyes.

The applications to download music are exclusive of the Android system; IOS is not part of this list of downloaders

Android Apps to download music for 2019

The applications to download music are exclusive of the Android system; IOS is not part of this list of downloaders

We know about your passion for music and, as we usually do, we want to make your life easier with a series of apps that you will appreciate. They are Android Apps to download music of all kinds, without having to pay for it. It sounds fantastic, right? Well, pay attention to these options that will fill your life rhythm.

The applications to download music are exclusive of the Android system; IOS is not part of this list of downloaders. Finally, once you select the application that you liked the most, remember not to modify its default configuration . Some download everything in the internal memory. Do not change it, wait for it to download and then transfer it to the SD card manually. This is for the app to work properly.

Beat Set

To use Set Beat all you need to do is log in with your Facebook account and search for the song you want to listen to

Known as “the clone of Spotify”, Set Beat offers you everything that the original Android Apps offers. We talked about the premium benefits you dreamed of having. All without you having to put your hand in your pocket. This application is one of the most complete options in this list.

To use Set Beat all you need to do is log in with your Facebook account and search for the song you want to listen to. As it contains the “no connection” option, you will not spend data or need to be connected to WIFI. To download your favorite song you must click on the download cloud that appears below each theme.

With Set Beat you can follow your favorite musician, add the songs you want to your playlist, and much more. All without any restriction.

GTunes Music

It has a fairly simple design, but what is simple is powerful. GTunes Music has a large library of songs that puts them at your disposal, free of charge. You only need the name of the song or the name of the singer and that’s it! You can find everything in it.

With GTunes Music you will be able to visualize the content that you will download so as not to make any mistakes. In addition, as if that were not enough, includes the lyrics of the songs so you can learn them from memory while downloading. Of course, this wonder contains its own player.

As every application does not pay, it contains advertising. Do not worry, it’s not invasive; It will not bother you at all. (Remember to enable the option “install from unknown sources” on your mobile).

Huawei Music

One more from our list of applications to download music. Huawei Music will catch your attention from the start, since you will see several oriental singers as download options. Do not worry, if you can find your favorite artists.

Its interface is totally friendly. It has a powerful search engine, album covers and an excellent player. The only thing you have to do to download music here is to click on the little arrow symbol that appears first on the buttons of the player.

It is advised that the download options are not changed; everything has to go directly to the internal memory of the mobile . In case you do not want to use the player of this app, you can move your songs to the SD card.

Mp3 Music Download

Here we have our last recommendation. Mp3 Music Download is everything its name announces: it allows you to download music in mp3 format, without limit of downloads and in the best quality . When not being paid, it contains some advertisements. They are quite tolerant, so you do not have to worry about them.

Mp3 Music Download has its own player so you do not have to leave the application every time you want to listen to what you have downloaded. Its appearance is very friendly, so it is easy to use. Search: search, your downloads, Player: the music player.

For the service they offer, these applications to download music you will not find in Google Play. Do not be scared, they are 100% safe to use on your mobile phone.

The best photo editors for Android 2019

10 best photo editors apps for Android

The best photo editors for Android 2019
Do not you hate it when the photos you have taken do not seem right even after a dozen attempts? You may not like its brightness, contrast, orientation or, if you wish, you can add something to make the photos look more attractive. That’s when photo editing applications come to your rescue. They include many features and are on par with light desktop editors. Most social media applications already include editors in their interface. But, if you want more extensive customizations, you can use any of these applications that we have compiled in this publication.

We start with the list of Android apps for photo editing, trying to get variety. Each offers many interesting things and the order in which they are placed is not necessarily from the best to the worst or vice versa. Each one can be very interesting depending on each person and it is worth trying them.

Adobe Photoshop

With a simple and minimalist interface, Adobe Photoshop Express is an excellent Android photo editor for fast, easy and powerful editing on devices. It is full of essential features such as crop, straighten, rotate and flip photos. Photoshop Express has one-touch filters, a variety of effects, colors, automatic correction, frames and also some advanced tools like Image Rendering Engine to handle large files like panoramic photos. Its noise reduction function can minimize unwanted grain and mottled nighttime photos.

The application can be downloaded for free and has no ads. In addition, it provides you with the service to share photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.


With more than 100 million downloads, PicsArt is one of the favorite photo editing applications. The reason why PicsArt is so prominent is due to the large number of options you have to customize your photos. It comes with built-in camera function and a social network to share photos. Other features include collage, drawing, frames, stickers and more. However, the application is available for free with some purchases integrated into the application, you must deal with ads.

Download PicsArt


Being part of the Adobe family, the photo editor Aviary provides all the pleasures of photo editing. Along with its super-intuitive interface, Aviary comes with everything from basic elements such as crop and filter, to more advanced editing tools such as color adjustments, sharpness, the ability to adjust the vignette, lighting and focus. In general, the application is multifunctional and also reliable. It comes with some purchases in the application, it’s free.

Download Aviary


PhotoDirector is a kind of multi-use photo editing application. It has an elegant and easy to use interface where you can quickly adjust the colors and tone of your images with its simple but powerful tools. The application has a camera function in the application where you can apply live photo effects as you take photos. You can edit images and share them quickly on Facebook, Flickr and more. In addition, PhotoDirector offers the service to remove a person or unwanted object from your photo with its quick editing tools for Content-Aware removal. You can download it for free with some purchases from the application and it contains ads.

Download PhotoDirector


Snapseed is a powerful Android photo editor that has many functions. It is available for free and does not have ads either. The application has a user-friendly interface that is very simple, just tap on the screen and open any file you want. Snapseed comes with different types of filters to modify the look of the photo, including 28 different varieties of tools. Once this is done with the edition, you can easily export the file to save it or share it with your friends.

Download Snapseed


AirBrush is an easy-to-use photo editing application. It has easy-to-use touch-up tools and great filter options to give you a beautiful editing result. The application is available for free, but has some purchases and contains ads. It has a built-in camera interface that comes with a variety of effects. It has an interactive interface and includes many tools such as blemish and blemish remover, whitening teeth and clears the eyes, slim more and features of artistic retouching, natural and radiant filters. In addition, you can instantly share your edited photos on any social networking site.

Download AirBrush


Toolwiz Photos is a great all-in-one PRO photo editor that provides more than 200 powerful tools. You can add filters, change faces, adjust saturation and even create fun collages. Designed with an elegant and minimalist interface, the application is free and easy to use. Other key features that include Prism filters, Image Tone, HDR, Text, free online resources and more.

Download Toolwiz


YouCam Perfect is a handy photo editing tool where you can embellish your portrait photos in a matter of seconds. Try to edit with your effects and one-touch filters, crop and rotate photographs, mosaics to blur the background, vignette and HDR effects. The application comes with a Face Reshaper, Eye Bag Remover and Body Slimmer to contract the waist and make you look thinner instantly. It also has selfie video capabilities. You can download it for free with some in-app purchases for additional features and contains ads.

Download YouCam


Pixlr is the right photo editor for everyone; It has all the tools a user might need. It has more than 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters. You can create photo collages with various designs, background and spacing options. In addition, it has the Auto Fix function and the ability to stylize the photo with a doodle, pencil drawings and ink sketches. In addition, you can share the images directly on various social networking sites. It can be downloaded for free with in-app purchases and contains ads.

Download Pixlr

Photo Lab

Photo Lab gives your photos a unique touch. It has a collection of more than 800 different effects, such as realistic photomontages, elegant photo filters, beautiful frames, creative artistic effects, collages for several photos and much more.

With a simple and intuitive interface, the editor is quite easy to administer. The built-in photo editor comes with all the basic tools a user may need: crop, rotate, light and sharpness, and even retouch. In addition, you can save your creation in the gallery, easily share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send it as a message. It has a free version available that shows ads. But the main drawback is that you mark your photos when you use their free version.

Download PhotoLab

Did you find the app that best suits your needs? Each offers many things and is worth trying. Share your comments and suggestions in the comments with us.

Eset, a company specializing in cybersecurity, has discovered nine applications on the Play Store that showed deceptive ads on the smartphone

Android Virus: Delete 9 fake Apps immediately from your Android Devices

Eset, a company specializing in cybersecurity, has discovered nine applications on the Play Store that showed deceptive ads on the smartphone

Eset, a company specializing in cybersecurity, has discovered nine applications on the Play Store that showed deceptive ads on the smartphone

They looked like harmless apps to turn the smartphone into a remote control , but they were not so harmless and they were removed from the Play Store. There are nine fake applications reported in recent days to Google by ESET , the company that develops the well-known Nod32 antivirus, because once installed they filled the user’s cell phone with such an invasive advertising that the device was almost unusable.

The applications are all ” remote controller ” apps, that is, apps used to use the smartphone to control the TV , the air conditioner or any other device that can be controlled with a wireless connection. Their names are: Remote control for TV and home electronics , Remote control , TV remote controller , Remote for Air conditioner , TV remote controlling , Remote for television for free , Air conditioner remote control , Universal TV remote controller , Remote control for the car . They are all from the Tols4TV developer and have been downloaded by at least 8 million users before being removed from the official Google store.

Remove these fake apps right now from your Android devices:

Remote control for TV and home electronics , Remote control , TV remote controller , Remote for Air conditioner , TV remote controlling , Remote for television for free , Air conditioner remote control , Universal TV remote controller , Remote control for the car .

Android application false: what are the dangers for the smartphone

These are completely false applications : none of them carried out the remote control functions promised before installation. Instead they did something else: some were running in the background, making it difficult for the user to deactivate them, others, while not loading in the background, once they were launched were impossible to use because any user input responded with a full-screen banner ad. These 9 fake apps. Moreover, they were not the only ones among those on the Play Store to behave this way: last week another antivirus company, Trend Micro, reported 85 that were completely similar. In this case the two developers of the apps were Alger Games and Kodev. Google responded to the reports by deleting all the apps from these developers from the Play Store.

Given the large amount of fake apps on the official Google store , there was no lack of criticism of Big G due to the lack of control over developers and individual apps. Both ESET and Trend Micro recommend that you pay close attention to the applications you download and install on your smartphone. The two computer security companies suggest to read very well the reviews released by users to the app , to check the permissions required by the app before installing it, to keep updated the Android operating system and to install a good antivirus for mobile devices.

3D Home is a fantastic lightweight launcher for Android thanks to which you can manage your home screen

Best Android Launcher 3D Home

There are many launcher for Android available on Google Play Store that allow you to customize your own home but thankfully not all offer the same features. Today we will put special attention to one of the best Android launcher with which you can simulate your home on the home of your device and all in 3D mode!

3D Home is a fantastic lightweight launcher for Android thanks to which you can manage your home screen as a real room of the house in fact, inside you can find a TV, Notebook, a remote control, a calendar, a phone and so on which each of these, you can assign a specific task how to start the gallery, the camera app, address book, voice dialing and so on.

Well, let’s find out together all the details of one of the best Android Launcher!

3D Home is a fantastic lightweight launcher for Android thanks to which you can manage your home screen

The launcher also allows you to change Android theme available directly from the store inside the application which will replace the default ones directly. Unlike many other launcher, 3D Home is accurate in every detail and offers a wide range of customization such as the ability to add third-party widgets and resize, quick access to the app Weather and much more! Among other things, it also has special effects with 3D animations giving a truly unique look to your device! Definitely this is one of the best Android launcher.

3D Home also allows you to change Android theme available directly from the store inside the application

The only flaw of this Android application, the amount of RAM that the latter requires in fact after several tests it was found that the launcher is about 80 Mb. However, you must consider the fact that the application is still fledgling therefore it is assumed that very soon you will see a new update that will improve and solve some of the problems present.

And what do you think of this magnificent Android Launcher? Do you think it really is one of the best Android Launcher?

IQ Test shows a number of questions of intelligence and logic even more

IQ Test app to test your skills

Intellectuals solve problems, but the genes can prevent them. And this is the phrase with which he presents one of the most interesting app last period, or what is called the IQ Test.

Fans tests, brain teasers, riddles and not only that, you can not wait to test your intelligence and your talents? Here the application IQ Test could be just what you are looking for a long time.

IQ Test shows a number of questions of intelligence and logic even more: the arrival of the final version after the trial period spent with the beta version, did I do to IQ Test a real quantum leap.

IQ Test is one of the most interesting applications that are emerging on the Google Play Store, reaching the thirtieth place among the free games on online store giant’s Mountain View.

IQ Test shows a number of questions of intelligence and logic even more

IQ Test is able to measure the intelligence of the users, evaluating a wide range of skills, such as different memory games, logic and creativity.

Answer all the questions, curious to know what is your IQ?

Among the most important characteristics of IQ Test app we find the fact of having an interface particularly easy to use, the presence of a great timer when you must refine and test their skills.

In addition, compared to the beta version, we find many other options of great interest: for example, one that allows you to mark a question, being able to see it again later in time, preferring the answer to other questions, not to mention how the answers appear at the end of each test, enabling users to understand what were the mistakes.