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Huawei Ascend Mate with a massive screen and powerful battery:

Las Vegas has seen some interesting moments, the Huawei introduced the world to the promised HUAWEI Ascend Mate phone. Indeed, the company invites you to their smartphone device, even though its screen is a whopping 6.1 inches in size. It will dispel even smart phones and tablets boundaries. As a result, the market can be found in the device which is really the whole class every three inches to ten inches up.

HUAWEI Ascend Mate, at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Simultaneously on a large screen resolution is not quite the latest rage, as it will be 1280 x 720 pixels. The display is said to be covering the front of a larger than in any other part of the phone, which ensures that Huawei best viewing experience. Children benefit by as much as 73 percent of the screen is covered. Display based on IPS + LCD technology.

In addition to the display HUAWEI Ascend Mate great attention to be battery that provides capacity up to 4050 mA extent. The manufacturer of the device in normal operation on a single charge will last for two days. The phone has also worked to improve the download, and it should take time to 30 per cent less. Huawei says the charge in his class at the highest end.

Inside the HUAWEI Ascend Mate, there is a 1.5 GHz Hi-Silicon K3V2 quad-core processor as well as Intel XMM6260 circuit. The device is built on the Android 4.1 operating system around. Other features include eight-megapixel camera, a gigabyte of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

The dimensions of Huawei’s new smartphone is 163.5 x 85.7 x 9.9 mm and weighs 198 grams.

HUAWEI Ascend Mate sales are seen, at least in China, where it is due to arrive in February.

What accessories to buy for smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has captivated the users engaged in sectors related to the creation, architecture and art in general, since it is a device specially designed for those who need to always carry a notebook in my pocket. In this case, the digital properties of the Samsung Galaxy Note greatly facilitate things, so that in a few months, the phone or phablet (and some professionals call the union, given that the size of your screen exceeds the established canons) has become a selling device. So much so, that the Korean company Samsung has decided to release a second edition will probably be presented on August 29 at an event prior to IFA 2012, the consumer electronics show to be held on time in Berlin. The Samsung Galaxy Note, however, remains as valid as in recent months. For this reason, today we speak of all cool accessories for smartphone that you can purchase to complete and improve the functions of your smartphone… Here we go!
accessories to buy for smartphone
1) Cases
The covers are a must to keep in good condition your Samsung Galaxy Note. The Samsung Smart Shop (official store items of Samsung) will find an assortment of covers useful. The so-called Flip skin is made of soft, but becomes behind a rigid housing which allows access to all functions of the terminal. Engraved with the logo of Galaxy Note and is available in orange for 32 euros. Officers have cheaper alternatives, such as Vertical Pouch Case, also made of leather, color blue and brown. They are on page Samsung for about 22.40 euros.

2) Mobile Charger
Often happens that we forget where you last left the mobile phone charger. If you want to have a lifeguard on hand, not a bad option to purchase a second charger compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Note but also with other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It costs 19 euros in store for Samsung.

3) Car Charger
The same goes for users who often spend long hours in the car or traveling often using the Samsung Galaxy Note as GPS. Here’s another interesting solution at your fingertips: a car charger that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter and charge the battery of your device while you’re traveling.

4) HDMI adapter
In the multimedia section, the Samsung Galaxy Note has few rivals. The HDMI cable that Samsung sells through its official store is compatible with this device, but also with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy R. You can play content on a TV bigger, expanding HD content. It costs 30 euros.

accessories to buy for smartphone
5) Stylus
The S Pen is one of the most important cool accessories for smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note. It is thanks to this pen, users have the option of running multiple business applications. The stylus that sells Samsung is the model ET-S110EBEGSTD and is simply a pointer 122mm touch that comes protected in a case. Sensitive stylus tip will help us improve the accuracy at the time of writing. It costs 41 euros.

6) Base loader
If you want to recover the energy of your Samsung Galaxy Note while you’re at work, at home or in the office, you can opt for battery charging base for this model. This is a piece that measures 6.2 x 52 x 68 mm, equipped with a microUSB port and an indicator LED that determines the charge status: in progress or completed. Best of all is that you can go charging the battery while you have your Samsung Galaxy Note running on this table stand. Its price is quite cheap: 16 euros.

7) Desktop support
It is one of the popular cool accessories for smartphone, designed to keep upright the Samsung Galaxy Note as you are loading. You can work with a mains charger, but also with a USB cable, which will make things easier if we have a computer handy. The phone can be placed vertically or horizontally, to watch videos, listen to music or answer emails. The idea is that each user choose freely the position that is most comfortable. It costs 50 euros at the official store of Samsung.

Specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

Within the range of Android mobile of the Taiwanese firm HTC has highlighted a phone like the most affordable and simple terminal, aimed at users who want to learn the use of tactile devices equipped with many features, albeit in small proportions. It is the HTC Wildfire, a phone that was renewed last year with the HTC Wildfire S and that would be near reissued with improved third version of this model: the HTC Wildfire C.

specs of HTC Wildfire C smartphone

The HTC Wildfire C is a phone that is associated with which they talked with the code name HTC Golf. This HTC Wildfire C would debut, supposedly, in a couple of months, during the next June, although at the price you would not know. However, if you continue the tradition that the manufacturer is displaying this line, one would expect without risk of error that would be a relatively affordable mobile to be a smartphone.

In performance, the first details known of this HTC Wildfire C are very encouraging in the case of a mobile intelligent input. It has a touch screen of 3.5 inch the same size as the iPhone from Apple. The decision to develop the panel would be 480 x 320 pixels, integrating a quality camera with up to five megapixels.

The processor, in turn, would have a capacity of between 600 and 800 MHz and as to the device memory, an internal storage capacity of about four GB, while the RAM would stay at 512 MB. Of course, no shortage of the memory expansion slot via microSD cards. As is also standard in the last terminal of HTC, the HTC Wildfire C take the audio profile, Beats and a front camera, though in the picture that has leaked through PocketNow no trace of the secondary sensor.

It is noteworthy that HTC does not include the HTC Wildfire C in Category One, a family made so far by HTC One X, HTC One V and HTC One S, emphasizing the brand Wildfire. The reputation enjoyed by the users name in the input could be behind the decision.

In its market segment, the HTC Wildfire C will be a phone that is called to compete with phones like the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus or the Nokia Lumia 610, i.e. phones that despite having adjusted to the terminal benefits of midrange the smartphone market, including a range of features that will not leave room for the user to miss some function. In such cases, the balance between price and performance on the device is the strongest argument in the face of your target audience.

HTC announces new dual SIM smartphone running Android ICS

Taiwan’s High Tech Computer has shown three new smartphones in recent days all of which are equipped with dual SIM Android operating system: it is actually three variants of the same product, which is slightly different name depending on the telephone that will sell. We are talking about the HTC VC T328D, VT T328T and V T328W, devices apparently intended only for the Chinese market.

HTC announces new dual SIM smartphone running Android ICS

Let’s see in detail the technical characteristics of these new smartphones:

  • Support for 3G networks and Wi-Fi;
  • capacitive touch screen LCD Super by 4 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • 5 megapixel camera complete with autofocus, digital zoom, LED flash and features for the sound recording (it is unclear whether even in HD)
  • Technology Beats Audio;
  • 4GB internal memory;
  • Processor single core, 1.4 GHz,
  • GPU Adreno 200;
  • RAM 512 MB
  • operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich;
  • Sense 4.0 user interface.

The design, as you can see on this side, not much different from other touchscreen devices the Asian group: rounded, sleek and minimal and three pulsed soft touch for the management of ICS. The sale price would be around 2000 Yuan, just over 243 euros.

Android smartphones suffer more damage than Apple or Blackberry

A recent study found that mobile operating system Android are often damaged more frequently than their competitors from Apple or Blackberry, but this is not due to faults or difficulties of the Google operating system, but the unreliable hardware components.
The adage “What you pay for” seems to be hanging around the heads of the device operators Android worldwide, following the returns due to damage they are causing hardware an annual expenditure of around 2 billion dollars.
This conclusion was reached by a study conducted by WDS, which analyzed more than 600,000 calls to request technical assistance teams have managed the company in the last 12 months in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.
Android smartphones suffer more damage than Apple or Blackberry
Taking an overview of the four major mobile operating systems, the analysis revealed that the segment of the devices based on Android had a higher average propensity to hardware failure (14% of calls), compared with 11% of Windows Phone, iOS 7% and 6% of BlackBerry OS.
“One thing must be absolutely clear,” said Tim Deluca-Smith, vice president of marketing for WDS, “is that our analysis finds no inherent defect in the platform Android. Its opening has allowed the ecosystem to grow at a rate and rhythm phenomenal, and it is this success that is proving difficult.”
In fact, the cheaper models have helped Android to emerge as the dominant platform in smartphones, attracting many manufacturers, from Samsung to Asian vendors without brand name.

The profitability of operators affected

However, the report found that the introduction of low-cost hardware, a variety of software customizations and delivery process for operating system upgrades that consumers generate the efforts of retail operations and processes of return and reparations from being exceeded.
Specifically regarding the problems in the computer hardware, being difficult to resolve, carriers generated in a series of expenses for return, repair or replacement of defective phone in many cases can exceed 120% of what they originally claimed the user, affecting profitability.
However, from the perspective of WDS, this situation can be reversed by adopting a series of measures including the need to improve test methods of Android mobile operating system to minimize the risk of hardware failure and assess the direct and indirect costs and benefits associated with the purchase of such smartphones.