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Confirmed: installing an antivirus on Android is exactly the same as not doing it

Installing an antivirus on Android is exactly the same as not installing it

Confirmed: installing an antivirus on Android is exactly the same as not doing it

Every year there are 1 or 2 ‘viruses’ important for mobile phones, it is even said that 2019 will be the year of malware thanks to the increase and the proliferation of fake apps with malicious code , backdoors, banking Trojans and the boom of cryptomining malware . Currently there are several free antivirus for Android phones , but it has been confirmed that installing them is exactly the same as not doing it.

A report from AV-Comparatives shows that the company has tested 250 antivirus applications for Android, Google’s platform, and that they have discovered that only 80% of them approved the basic standards of the site . That is, more than 30% of the malicious apps of 2018 were detected and had zero false alarms, although some applications fell short.

To carry out the study, the tests were conducted in January 2019 and the researchers used a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 8.9 Oreo and a Nexus 5 with Android 6.01 . The mechanics was to check the effectiveness of the 250 applications against the 2,000 most common malware threats for Android during 2018.

Only 23 apps detected 100% of the threats

2019 will be the year of the malware according to the latest report of the well-known McAfee antivirus

During the study it is also reflected that the applications overlooked antivirus known as AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec, which usually catch everything . In addition, it is reflected that antimalware apps from 32 suppliers have been removed from Play Store in the last two months since the test was conducted.

Of all the antivirus, only 80 detected more than 30% of the malware, and of those, 23 detected 100% of the threats . Researchers advise users not to get carried away by the users’ qualifications , since most of them offer a rating based on their experience, without knowing if that app offers effective protection.

The study also recommends users to use antivirus from well-known, verified and reputable suppliers . An investigation that illustrates the challenge faced by Google and other store operators when it comes to selecting applications.

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Avast! Mobile Security for Android: innovative, efficient and free

The Android smartphone devices are certainly very powerful, able to manage their owner’s sensitive activities such as accounts, personal and work email, bank account management, Paypal account, and life in general computing. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep safe and protected your Android smartphones from all threats that may occur by downloading the wrong app or connecting to an unsecured network, and you do not know the reliability. At this thought Avast offers a complete shield to your Android device so as to ensure optimal protection of your data.
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Avast! has recently presented the new version of its software, Avast! mobile security, which includes many features about the internet safety, the protection of data, and the anti theft. The antivirus feature includes the ability to have available to report on the safety, giving way to know which and how many applications have access to user data protection in the navigation, it offers a tool for filtering calls and SMS adds anti robbery (such as activation of functions via a special SMS command, tracking device, locking himself and wipe the whole of their personal data).


Avast! Mobile Security also offers an effective tool Root mode access to your instrument. Through this tool you can set some kind of firewall that allows or blocks the application manually. In addition, Avast! Mobile security is free and all functions will be included at no additional cost. The offer of Avast will enrich the already large number of samples antivirus app that can be viewed at the Android maketĀ  but functions together with the fact that Avast Free, Avast earn at least a few moments to experience its power.


Protect your smartphone from identity theft even if you lose it

Did you know that the spread of smartphones is very high nowadays? As you’re reading this post, you know full well what risks there may be: we connect the phone via 3G networks and Wi-Fi networks very often which are not always safe, caught in public places, offices or homes of friends. Not to mention how easy it is to lose or be victims of theft. Let’s see what the risks are and what are good standards of prevention.

Protect your smartphone from identity theft even if you lose it

Sailing in uncharted waters

Every time we download an app, or simply look at the sites from your mobile phone, exchange data, and this exposes us to malware and spyware. There App that protect the boat from smartphone or tablet. Sometimes they are paid, but it’s worth it.

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