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Apple iOS 7 to integrate LinkedIn into the upcoming operating system

Apple iOS 7 will integrate professional social network

The new operating system for Apple mobile devices, Apple iOS 7 will come with many new features of which we reported at the time. But until now it comes to light the final version in the fall of this year, we can not know if there will be any more. One of those developments was not out is that Apple wants to integrate LinkedIn into the upcoming operating system, the same way we now do with Facebook and Twitter.

It seems that Apple wants to do more social your new operating system. That is why, apart from Twitter and Facebook, Apple iOS 7 will integrate the world’s most famous professional social network, LinkedIn.

9to5mac said the developer HamzaSood found a code and text strings that would point directly to the hypothesis that LinkedIn will be present in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Admittedly still be missing some pieces of the code so that this social network was activated and therefore in the beta version is now available for developers LinkedIn is not implemented.

Apple iOS 7 to integrate LinkedIn into the upcoming operating system

A commitment to full integration

As stated above it was not until 2012 when Facebook was fully implemented in iOS. Until then, only from within the social network application and from the web page from Safari could update the status of our profile. But in 2010, Apple already had proven integration with Facebook in its beta version of Apple iOS 4, although for various reasons in the end it was implemented in the final version.

This time it seems that it is finally implemented in the final version of LinkedIn, but there can not confirm anything until Apple officially announce it. But it makes all the sense in the world. In Cupertino are not going to take forever, or so it seems, to allow of Facebook launcher as has been done in Android, but do not want to be left behind in the total social integration of their devices. That is why it seems a very good idea that LinkedIn will join Facebook and Twitter, keeping in mind that concern for seeking and finding employment is the order of the day.

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini with LG screens?

LG will continue to supply Apple for the next device in 2012: we are speaking of rumors about iPhone 5 and nebulous iPad Mini, which could see the light in the coming months. It would be in full design phase, iPhone 5 to reach the markets in late summer while iPad Mini in late spring. The South Korean company, which produces the Retinal Display said the agreement would continue trade with California for the smartphone and the next generation tablets. How truthful can be isolated from these rumors?

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini with LG screens
Of course Apple can not sit down and pull the oars into the boat, but is already working hard on future generations of iPhone 5 and iPad. The next smartphone might be i phone next generation, the iPhone 5 and include all the technical features and components rumored for 2011 (later postponed), perhaps at the behest of Steve Jobs himself.
But, as reported by the newspaper sudocoreano The Korea Times, third-generation iPad could come out in two versions with a more compact variant of the name iPad Mini, with from 7.35 inch diagonal screen in order to compete with various tablet running Android including Amazon Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet of Barnes and Noble, named just to take examples.
About the diagonal of the screen, from what will be the sixth generation of the iPhone? It still speaks of the fateful 4 inches since the bar has now been ported to these levels, and users are asking a great voice displays greater, broader and therefore comfortable in both entertainment and productivity.