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Schedule emails, SMS or social networking on Android

Have you ever needed to send an email to a specific time and you have been impossible? Like say good morning to your followers on Facebook or Twitter at a certain time? Or, do you want to send an SMS to a contact for her birthday and always forgets you? If you have a phone with Android all this can be solved by using the application Schemes.

With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail

It is difficult to always be available to send a text message (SMS), email messages or through social networks. It is quite possible that the time indicated for this procedure while you forget it. Hence, there are some solutions for these cases. For Android platform there is a free application called Schemes, available for download on Google Play.

Once downloaded the application on the smartphone, you only need to enter the account data to be used. With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail. Once data is entered in the accounts, the application is ready to be used and programmed.

The screen where you create the texts to be sent later, has a clean and very intuitive interface: you only have to choose the services that are going to come into play-you can use the previous four at a time. Place the recipient as if it were an email, write the text, and you program the day and time where you have to leave for your destination.

But you must take into account some limitations such that if the user normally works with different user accounts, both email and social media, it must go in and out to switch accounts; Schemes only works with an account. To get in or out of them, the user must press the “Menu” main settings appear where you can leave the accounts that are being used at that moment.

Also keep in mind that the application will only work with Google email service, GMail; other accounts on services like Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, corporate email, etc. are not supported by this new feature.

Now, what do you get with Schemes? Let the Android device becomes all a work tool and make the user do their work on necessary day and time. On the other hand, if you do not want to have any of the accounts (Twitter or Facebook) abandoned for many hours, or you want to be timely in sending a greeting here you can enter SMS, Schemes can be a good choice. Similarly, in Google Play there are other options like TweetCaster or Buffer which will undertake to the Timeline of active user, through its programming service messages. These two options are also free.

SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard: A Very Visual Control Panel For iPhone

The best way to get the most out of a terminal is used to understand its operation. Something that is not always comfortable, easy or affordable for all types of users. So applications arise as SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard, a complete utility to monitor and know at all times what functions, connections, memory and other operational issues are and what their current state. With this, the user can have maximum control and squeeze out the mobile Apple.

This application is particularly informative and is that SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard can boast clarity and striking thanks to its design and visual style, showing the data on screen with graphics and data.

one of the most useful application for users who want to squeeze the most from the terminal, knowing firsthand the function battery consuming more

Just start the application shows the main screen with the different sections depending on the function you want to see, but showing real-time information on each button. Section of battery you can see the image of a stack that represents the total load, showing the percentage current state: loaded or unloaded. There are also other options like the ability to set alarms to alert you of the full load, or notices showing the current state. Along with this there are tips that inform the user of practices to reduce battery consumption and lower the screen brightness.

As the section Memory, it is a space to meet the current use of the RAM of the terminal. Thus, there is shown a graph of portions where check how many MB of memory are used, how many are free or inactive connected. Moreover, as in the case of the battery, it offered advice to make room for this type of memory and make the terminal work without slowdowns, faster and smoother.

Another section is Data Usage, i.e. the Internet connections to the terminal. It shows if the current connection is via 3G or WiFi. It also offers other data such as the amount of data sent and received, the total consumption made and other information such as the address MAC. As feature bonus in this section may make a Internet speed test. Finally available the section CPU & Progress, which identifies the features and applications that are running. Thus, it is easy to know which applications are making greater use terminal processor and, therefore, of the battery.

In short, one of the most useful application for users who want to squeeze the most from the terminal, knowing firsthand the function battery consuming more, the amount of data that has been downloaded information to know which applications close and increase terminal life. SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard can be downloaded completely free for iPhone via App Store.

UltimateSOS: The application that will save your life

UltimateSOS is a revolutionary application dedicated to the international emergency. You can enjoy 4 sensational features: application dedicated to everyone from business travelers, who want to feel safer. The application that will save your life wherever you are.

UltimateSOS The application that will save your life

Here are the functions of the application:


  • Call one of the main emergency numbers (police, health or fire department) WHEREVER YOU ARE!
  • No need to remember no emergency number to memory, especially if you are abroad…
  • You are in Spain, France, Germany, the United States?
  • NO PROBLEM! Never worry about anything because UltimateSOS load emergency numbers depending on the place where you are!
  • In addition, if you need to enter more numbers, you can do it at will!



  • Statistically it is proven that not many people know the basics of first aid.
  • But do not worry!
  • UltimateSOS think that, too:
  • You have to choose from a list divided into categories, which will be constantly updated to display the help and possibly do in a situation of danger!


  • You are in danger and you do not know where you are?
  • UltimateSOS shows you the location on the map in real time, and not only… also information such as EIA, HOUSE NUMBER and CITY where you are right now.
  • You can send all this information SMS and E-mail to ask for help from anyone you want.


TrackingMe Enable the service and ask for help via SMS/e-mail. The person receiving the message can connect to a website to display real-time map on your every move! You can decide if you disable the service TrackingME!

Remember: Once deactivated, if you want to reactivate it, you’ll have to postpone the message, it will change just because the authentication data!

This is an indication of TOTAL SECURITY!



You in the dark? Activates the device’s flash with a button.

In addition, you can write any text and it will be translated into Morse code by allowing you to play audio beep and flash!

Find UltimateSOS in the App Store and is located in the Italian Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iPhone OS 5.0 or later. The size of the application is 1.3 MB only.