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Samsung and Intel not giving up on Tizen

Samsung and Intel does not intend to abandon Tizen

A few days ago, a rumor suggested that Samsung begins to exasperate the development of Tizen to hence the delay in the output of the latter, and it is quite possible that the South Korean firm not to finish out one running this OS designed with Intel prior to abandon the project altogether device. A tweet is highly contested by many analysts, because they claim that Samsung has really come off Android in favor of another designed by the firm’s own operating system.

However, a new report again just hit the canvas partially contradicting the theory Murtazin, because it is true that Samsung is still working on Tizen and the future of this OS is uncertain against Samsung account by actually well develop a new OS to detach from Android, but we do not know if it is still the same Tizen developed since the beginning of the project, or if Samsung completely change its roadmap from the SDK released it that are a few days.

Samsung and Intel not giving up on Tizen

In any case, you always wonder if making a new operating system is always a good idea. It should be noted that the young BlackBerry 10 is still struggling to implement in the Smartphone market today, although it is beginning to have some notoriety. Of course, a normal user does not make the difference between this OS or another as long as the application of this OS shop offers many applications and games than the competition. The hardest thing for a new OS would indeed be able to convince developers.

avoid unnecessary data rate of applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to avoid Android applications update with data rates

If you have many applications installed on Android mobile, there are chances that every few minutes one of them has a new applications update. Hence, you must bear in mind that if the store of Google is not configured correctly, it is very possible that in a usual exits to the street can become a feast of downloads and consume, perfectly, 150 MB needlessly. So what to do?

avoid unnecessary data rate of applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4
The first thing the user will enter the store is Google Play or Play Store. Once get inside, you must press the menu button that is usually on the chassis or, if the terminal does not have these, you can be one of the three virtual buttons that are in the bottom of the screen. It may be noted that the smartphone gives several options. So which is the penultimate interested “Settings”.

This option will provide all the customization that has the app store Google mobile platform. And only there to click on that says “Update Automatically“. There will be three possibilities to choose: “No applications update automatically“, “Update applications automatically at any time” it will also use 3G networks – and indicating “Update automatically applications over WiFi only“.

If you do not want to make unnecessary data rate, which interest the customer are the first and last choice. With the first, the customer must enter the same virtual start menu and select “My Applications”. All appear to be installed on the terminal and indicate if an update or not. By choosing each, you can install the new versions when the client wishes.

However, if you choose the last alternative, the new versions will be installed during the days alone. Yes, only when the Android smartphone is connected to a WiFi wireless point, this being the most convincing alternative and will do that once you get home or the office WiFi, applications update are started.

Finally, in the “Settings” of Google Play also possible to set a password for purchases, a totally recommended step and thus avoid paid apps installed by mistake. How to apply a filter in searches and the results show that the level of maturity of the applications put another way: if it comes to applications with high sexual content.

Best Android Applications to Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery

Best Android Applications to Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery

Gallery Lock is one of the best security-related Android apps. After seeing Pocket, great app for the protection of sensitive data, here is all the procedure in step by step how to protect from prying eyes pictures and videos on your Android devices. The app Gallery Lock will allow you to protect your privacy by hiding photos and videos with a password or combination.

Best Android Applications to Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery

If there are pictures and videos that you do not want to be shown, install the application, enter the default password (which will change) to open Gallery Lock. You will see the default folders. To insert images and videos need to be protected by adding the function Share the Gallery.

Other settings allow you to make backups of photos and video, hide annoying suggestions or activate the interesting feature of the app Stealth (including Pro version only) that will hide the Gallery Lock icon from the applications list. You will need to run the app calling a code consisting of * and your password. Either in Lite version or Pro at a cost of € 2.11, Lock Gallery is available for download from the Play Store.

Watch this video to see how to work with Gallery Lock.

Best Android App to hide photos and videos from the gallery

Download Gallery Lock Pro version: HERE

Download Gallery Lock Lite version: HERE