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Get a GoPro-like Sports Camera with Mophie Outride

It was one of the best you have seen videos on YouTube this year. We are talking about the advertising campaign GoPro Hero 3 camera, the best solution to film sports fans risk, or prefers to call GoPro Heroes. Through this video, with an audio-visual spectacular, GoPro encourages you to become these characters adventurers.

Mophie OutRide GoPro Hero 3 camera

Undoubtedly, GoPro is one of the best cameras that you can find in the market for such recordings and now the company Mophie, expert in iPhone accessories, wants to get its own version for smartphone, Mophie Outride. As you can see in the video below to launch the product, tries to mimic the idea of telling the company GoPro but basically you just need a durable sheath to do the same from our iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Obviously, the end result is far from what you get in GoPro. The quality of the image in the camera of the iPhone 4/4S is worse, and that GoPro is known for its image stabilizer and the most advanced version has more resolution. The housing of Mophie OutRide for iPhone 4/4s protect water and accidental drops and bumps. It also incorporates a wide angle lens to enlarge the field of view captured. So far you know nothing of a proposal for the iPhone 5.

Yes, you must emphasize that Mophie offers a cheaper option, most economic solution of GoPro costs about $200, while the Mophie case comes out 149.95 dollars.

The Mophie accessory comes with a powerful free application, available in the App Store, which allows you to edit the video that you captured while you were practicing your sport or risky favorite action. The Mophie OutRide app also comes with a powerful social platform for viewing videos that other users have captured. Ideal to see spectacular images, if the project is to connect users of iPhone.

Like GoPro, get performance Mophie know this idea by selling various accessories depending on the sport to practice regularly.

The iPhone app is more artistic: Magritte your world

Magritte Your World is a new interesting free application for iPhone of which we speak today. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the famous surrealist painter and uses the example of the famous painting Golconda to create exclusive content. How does it work? You take a picture or use a picture from the gallery staff and then create an animation with the many men raining from the sky etc. The app has been packaged as a unique promotional content for an exhibition.

free application for iPhone 4
One of the simplest applications at the same time the most evocative background art, Magritte Your World can be free downloaded from the App Store in iTunes (direct link here) , it weighs very little since it stops at 2.8MB and is compatible with devices with IOS 4.2 and up, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Below, you can see a series of screenshots showing the simple and intuitive interface. Continue reading