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Best Android App Andmade Share: share with multiple applications

If you are Androidian who likes to share directly from your smartphone all types of files, then you must not miss this app, which will make life easier and not a little. The sharing feature Android works so as to share the file with just one application at a time. Andmade Share, however, allow you to select all the applications that desire to share the file.

Best Android App Andmade Share: share with multiple applications

Installed the app, you will not have to do is select Andmade Share when you are asked to choose the system of sharing, then you put the check on applications with which you want to share, without this just touch on one of the app to launch the selected share. To make it easier for you all set as the default using Andmade Share. This app available for free on Android Market, will make even more rapid sharing of your operations.

Avast! Mobile Security for Android: innovative, efficient and free

The Android smartphone devices are certainly very powerful, able to manage their owner’s sensitive activities such as accounts, personal and work email, bank account management, Paypal account, and life in general computing. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep safe and protected your Android smartphones from all threats that may occur by downloading the wrong app or connecting to an unsecured network, and you do not know the reliability. At this thought Avast offers a complete shield to your Android device so as to ensure optimal protection of your data.
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Avast! has recently presented the new version of its software, Avast! mobile security, which includes many features about the internet safety, the protection of data, and the anti theft. The antivirus feature includes the ability to have available to report on the safety, giving way to know which and how many applications have access to user data protection in the navigation, it offers a tool for filtering calls and SMS adds anti robbery (such as activation of functions via a special SMS command, tracking device, locking himself and wipe the whole of their personal data).


Avast! Mobile Security also offers an effective tool Root mode access to your instrument. Through this tool you can set some kind of firewall that allows or blocks the application manually. In addition, Avast! Mobile security is free and all functions will be included at no additional cost. The offer of Avast will enrich the already large number of samples antivirus app that can be viewed at the Android maketĀ  but functions together with the fact that Avast Free, Avast earn at least a few moments to experience its power.