Samsung Galaxy M smartphone

The next Samsung Galaxy M smartphone may have a 7000mAh battery

Samsung has unveiled several budget smartphones with large batteries in the last 12 months, coming to offer capacities up to 5,000 mAh or even 6,000 mAh, capacities that can easily guarantee a solid and generic autonomy of two days.

It seems that now Samsung is even upping the ante even more , as according to 91mobiles newspaper , the company is working on an affordable phone with a 7,000 mAh battery . The battery is also larger than some tablets produced by the house, such as Galaxy Tab Active 3 and Galaxy Tab A 8.4.

Samsung Galaxy M smartphone

This size of the battery translates into two or even three days of autonomy , thus allowing it to be independent for quite a while from a charger or any powerbank.

91mobiles also got some pictures, which we post below, showing what the device’s case is, revealing the model numbers SM-M127F / SM-F127G , along with what looks like a configuration with four rear cameras.

There is also the absence of space for a possible fingerprint reader on the back, which suggests that Samsung has most likely opted to place it on the side of the body or incorporate it into the power button .

The report suggests that the device is likely the upcoming Galaxy M12 or Galaxy F12 . To get an idea of ??the possible features, let’s remember the Galaxy M12, which was equipped with Snapdragon 450, triple rear camera (13mpx + 5mpx ultra-wide and 2 mpx for depth) and a 5,000 mAh battery with 15W charging support. . Considering the Snapdragon platform a bit dated it is hoped to see specifications more in line with current times, regarding the CPU.

All that remains is to wait for a complete picture of the specifications of the new Samsung smartphone.

Samsung engineering team failed to reach the right quality standards for this technology in time for the start of production of the new Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8: The perfect smartphone or NOT?

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + have brought a revolution in the mobile industry by offering a top level hardware sector , which now represents the top of the entire smartphone market, and an innovative design that made it instantly dated, from aesthetic point of view, is its direct rivals such as Apple’s iPhone 7 that his predecessor, the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung engineering team failed to reach the right quality standards for this technology in time for the start of production of the new Galaxy S8

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 convinced, so virtually generalized, international critics thanks to an excellent mix of technical elements that make the new top of the range of truly unique Korean company to date in the smartphone sector. Nevertheless, they are still different elements on which the Korean company has to work to make it really perfect its top of the range.

The rear Fingerprint Sensor

First, in many, between users and critics have not digested the shift in the rear of the body , next to the camera, fingerprint sensor, by far the best way to quickly unlock the device. Especially with the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, the sensor is placed in a very uncomfortable position that makes it complicated and anything but immediate release and the other release systems, such as iris recognition, however, is inaccurate or slower.

The decision to place the sensor in that position on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is related to the failure to integrate the fingerprint reader in the display, a “natural” solution that Samsung had thought after the decision to remove the Home button to the new Infinity display space.

The Samsung engineering team failed to reach the right quality standards for this technology in time for the start of production of the new Galaxy S8.

The fingerprint sensor integrated in the display will be a plus that should debut with the next top range of the Korean company and, in particular, with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the implementation of which has already been confirmed for the second half of the year in progress.

We’ll see if Samsung will achieve a fingerprint sensor can be efficient and convenient at the same time.

Autonomy is not surprising

On the issue of Galaxy Note, the failure of the Galaxy Notes 7 project , plagued by well-known problems of overheating and promptly withdrawn from the market last fall, has pushed Samsung to choose a conservative solution for the batteries of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + presenting a lower capacity than the Galaxy S7 Edge which has a 3,600 mAh battery.

The Galaxy S8 integrates a battery of 3000 mAh and Galaxy S8 + a 3,500 mAh . The first tests on the new top range of the Korean company showed, in any case, a good autonomy. The batteries, although slightly undersized in relation to the size of the display, can cover without too much trouble the day show a behavior in line with other top Android range without dazzle.

The SoC realized with production process to 10 nm (Exynos 8895 in Italy) ensures a sharp decline in consumption compared to the previous chipset (Exynos 8890) made with a manufacturing process to 14 nm. To be perfect and pull sharply its competitors, future top of the range Samsung will, however, guarantee it a better, higher than the day of standard use and able to meet the needs of those who exploit the most of their smartphones.


Among the aspects that Samsung has yet to work to make the best top of the line that will follow the Galaxy S8 we also find the new virtual assistant Bixby. Clearly, this new feature has just debuted and is still in the running-in phase . The limited support for languages other than English and in Korean, the few functions available and the lack of interaction with other system app show that Bixby represents a project still immature but still expected to grow in the future.

We also present, as many sources emphasize an excessive battery consumption by Bixby in the early days of use. The virtual assistant, in fact, in his first hours of activities with the user will work tirelessly to learn all the information necessary to understand the needs and preferences. To fully assess the quality of the battery of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will therefore have to wait for the running-in phase of Bixby or, alternatively, off of any server.

Details on the design of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6

We have received information that the new device Samsung Galaxy x6 Smartphone already been shown in the backstage of CES 2015, but we know that the final design is still in question.

The good news is that currently is considering two designs for the new smartphone Galaxy S6, one in which the device will be composed of a single metal body (probably the one we have seen before filtration), and one that is partly metal a rare type of removable plastic (like the one presented Galaxy Note 4).
Samsung Galaxy x6
It seems that the metal version was shown at CES to help Samsung to make a final decision on the course that would take the S6. It is important to note that if Samsung pursues the path of metallic design, the battery will no longer be removable, so if so, does not know how fans will react previous Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy S6 also have access to the new store Samsung issues , which will allow users to do a variety of themes to customize their devices, choosing Store, or creating your own. And it gets even better for those who hate the TouchWiz interface: Samsung preloaded applications will receive a review, so TouchWiz now runs smoother, which was already a rumor which we were aware.

Finally, the S6 will come with a Micro-SD, a fingerprint reader, UV sensor, with a system of rapid battery charge and microphones unidireccionale slot s (also seen in Note 4).

That’s all for now, but tell us, what version of the Galaxy S6 possible you prefer? Everything metallized without its removable battery? Or do you prefer the style Note 4? Did you know about these amazing technological advances which has dabbled Samsung ? Undoubtedly, whatever the design for which will be chosen, advances and new options for interacting with the mobile phone will be a great achievement for the company, very appreciated by the fans.

fingerprint reader at the Samsung Unpacked 5

Samsung Galaxy S5: The Fingerprint Is Confirmed!

The Mobile World Congress is fast approaching. Within a week start on MWC 2014 in Barcelona (from 24 to 27 February 2014.) One of the most anticipated smartphones of this event remains the Samsung Galaxy S5. Many rumors have surfaced regarding recent weeks. Among them, the presence of a fingerprint reader has fueled debate. Our colleagues from SamMobile come to confirm this information.

fingerprint reader at the Samsung Unpacked 5
While you will be unveiled specifications of two variants of the Galaxy S5 according to AnTuTu benchmarks, information about the fingerprint reader, innovation expected by many users, have just been published. Like that you can find on the iPhone 5s, the Samsung Galaxy S5 present with this technology. The fingerprint reader is coupled to the “home” button.

SamMobile confirms the presence of a fingerprint reader for Samsung Galaxy S5!

To make it work, you need to drag your finger from the bottom of the smartphone up to it, via the Home button to confirm your footprint. You will also need to put your finger straight and avoid too excessive or too low speed.

SamMobile not stop there as it indicates that this technology will also be used for other features and applications. It will then be possible to record eight different footprints similar to those tasks. Samsung will offer also a private file where you can incorporate you want to keep you content.

However SamMobile explains that Samsung will not use this fingerprint in the same way as its competitors player. Although this technology is reminiscent of the iPhone 5s, Samsung should therefore present a new use of the fingerprint reader at the Samsung Unpacked 5, an event dedicated to the presentation of its new products.

Finally, SamMobile announced that the Galaxy S5 should keep physical buttons without specifying the resolution of the screen. If SamMobile is generally very well informed, this information is unofficial until the official announcement of Samsung. Tell us what you think about the Samsung forum. Are you interested in this technology?