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Sophos researchers have unearthed 23 very dangerous apps that steal users' money. Here's what they are

Delete these 23 dangerous fleeceware apps from your smartphone now

They returned, but no one missed them. What are we talking about? Of the fleeceware apps, a particular type of applications capable of stealing from users even more than 200 euros with a single click . Sophos researchers have discovered 23 apps that deceive users and activate very expensive monthly subscriptions without their knowledge.

Sophos researchers have unearthed 23 very dangerous apps that steal users' money. Here's what they are

This is certainly not new, we had talked about their danger on other occasions, but it seemed that Google had managed to limit their power by changing the terms of use within the Play Store. But as the saying goes: “made the law, found the deception”. According to reports from Sophos computer researchers, the developers have discovered a flaw in the rules of the new Google store policy and have managed to publish 23 apparently free applications , but which after a certain amount of time activate subscriptions that reach up to a price of $ 249. Withdrawn directly from the user’s account. And everything is legitimate: it is the user himself who authorizes the payment when he installs the app, even if he is not aware of it.

What are “fleeceware” apps

They do not install any kind of virus, no malware, no spyware that can spy on the user: in the eyes of any antivirus, fleeceware apps are absolutely legitimate. But they are not dangerous for this. And to make us understand it is precisely the term fleeceware, created specifically by Sophos researchers to categorize this type of app.

In English the verb “to fleece” means “to undress”, “to shear” or even “to peel”. And that’s exactly what fleeceware apps do : they “skin” users by stealing their money to activate monthly subscriptions at a very high cost. And they do it without the knowledge of the person, who is directly charged to the current account.

How can such a thing happen? Because the developers are very good at hiding the fact that after a trial period the subscription starts automatically. The user installs the app and thinks it’s free forever, but it’s not. During the installation phase, the app warns the user of the automatic activation of the subscription once the trial period is over, but unfortunately very few people read the Terms of Use.

Fleeceware apps have evolved

To put an end to this scam, Google has changed the Terms of Use in recent months to make it clearer to the user when an app is subscribed after the trial period. As often happens in these cases, however, developers have already found a way to revive fleeceware apps, using two new tactics called Blind Sub and Spam Sub .

In the first case, when a person opens one of these apps, he finds in the home a button that says “Try for free”. After pressing the button, the billing terms appear, but they do not make it clear that after the free trial period a paid subscription starts.

The second method, however, is even more subtle. Just download an app, subscribe to the service that seems to be free, to see activated a mass subscription to a series of connected services that the user does not even know exist. This way the scammers are able to maximize the profit, even if only for a month.

What are the 23 apps to delete immediately from the Android smartphone

Sophos has also published a list of 23 fleeceware app available on the Google Play store and that have not been eliminated. In addition to the name of the applications, they have also published the price of the monthly or weekly subscription and the revenue made from the apps with this ploy. Here’s the full list:

com.photoconverter.fileconverter.jpegconverter – $ 249.99 / € 224.99 / year – $ 8k
com.recoverydeleted.recoveryphoto.photobackup – $ 249.99 / € 224.99 / year- $ 60k
com.screenrecorder.gamerecorder.screenrecording – $ 249.99 / € 224.99 / year- $ 10k
com.photogridmixer.instagrid – $ 229.99 / € 219.99 / year – $ 5k
com.compressvideo.videoextractor – $ 229.99 / € 219.99 / year – $ 10k
com.smartsearch.imagessearch – $ 229.99 / € 219.99 / year – $ 30k
com.emmcs.wallpapper – $ 89.99 / week – $ 20k
com.wallpaper.work.application – $ 89.99 / week – $ 30k
com.gametris.wallpaper.application – $ 89.99 / week – $ 30k
com.tell.shortvideo – $ 89.99 / week – $ 10k
com.csxykk.fontmoji – $ 89.99 / week – $ 40k
com.video.magician – $ 89.99 / week – $ 30k
com.el2020xstar.xstar – $ 89.99 / week – $ 10k
com.dev.palmistryastrology – $ 69.99 / week – $ 5k
com.dev.furturescope – $ 69.99 / week – $ 90k
com.fortunemirror – $ 69.99 / week – $ 20k
com.itools.prankcallfreelite – $ 44.99 / year – $ 5k
com.isocial.fakechat – $ 45.99 / year – $ 5k
com.old.me – $ 94.99 / year – $ 5k
com.myreplica.celebritylikeme.pr – $ 12.99 / € 10.99 / week – $ 5k
com.nineteen.pokeradar – Pay per install
com.pokemongo.ivgocalculator – Buggy app
com.hy.gscanner – $ 79.99 / year – $ 5k

How to protect yourself from the fleeceware app

There is no tool or application that can protect you from this type of scam . The only thing is to report to the Google Play Store and the App Store the presence of this type of app when you encounter one so that it is immediately deleted.

Samsung and Intel not giving up on Tizen

Samsung and Intel does not intend to abandon Tizen

A few days ago, a rumor suggested that Samsung begins to exasperate the development of Tizen to hence the delay in the output of the latter, and it is quite possible that the South Korean firm not to finish out one running this OS designed with Intel prior to abandon the project altogether device. A tweet is highly contested by many analysts, because they claim that Samsung has really come off Android in favor of another designed by the firm’s own operating system.

However, a new report again just hit the canvas partially contradicting the theory Murtazin, because it is true that Samsung is still working on Tizen and the future of this OS is uncertain against Samsung account by actually well develop a new OS to detach from Android, but we do not know if it is still the same Tizen developed since the beginning of the project, or if Samsung completely change its roadmap from the SDK released it that are a few days.

Samsung and Intel not giving up on Tizen

In any case, you always wonder if making a new operating system is always a good idea. It should be noted that the young BlackBerry 10 is still struggling to implement in the Smartphone market today, although it is beginning to have some notoriety. Of course, a normal user does not make the difference between this OS or another as long as the application of this OS shop offers many applications and games than the competition. The hardest thing for a new OS would indeed be able to convince developers.

Instagram brought Video to put Vine out of the picture

Introducing Video on Instagram Social Networking

Facebook announced yesterday that its ultimate photo app would now record and edit videos. After testing we have to say that the new functionality has obvious similarities with Vine, but it also has differences that can be better for a lot of people. Currently Instagram social networking still has much stronger than I came.

Facebook social networking gave no surprise and in his presentation showed what had been rumored in recent days. That the application he bought for 1,000 million has implemented video recording function 15 seconds.

Instagram is not just an application that lets you record a video with a minimum duration of 3 seconds and a maximum of 15.

Moreover, unlike Vine you can also edit it. That is, each time you record a part of the video, leaving the red button to record, Instagram allows you to delete the last part you did. Vine however, if you want to delete only part not permitted, Vine’s all or nothing.

Instagram brought Video to put Vine out of the picture

Vine is Twitter, Instagram is Facebook

Apart from obvious features, you say that Vine is Twitter and Instagram is Facebook. Vine records videos of maximum six seconds, as Twitter offers only 140 characters to express an idea, a story, or a joke. For some it may be short, but for others it can be an extra motivation to tell a story in such a short space of time. And there are many people came to get it.

Instagram instead allows videos with a maximum length of 15 seconds and a minimum of 3 seconds. It is much more flexible in this regard. I think they have done well to put a limit because a top of the application has been to capture that moment, which also bears the name. But have decided to let people make videos 3, 6, 10 or 15 seconds, flexibility first.

And filters, because Instagram has added 13 new filters that you can add to this video, which does not allow either Vine. Instagram also offers the possibility to choose the cover of the video image, so why will not always be the first image of the video.

During recording it indicate that you can switch the back camera to the front camera, which also allowed in Vine.

Instagram for iOS version 4.0 is currently available for download in Apple’s App Store and Instagram for Android version 4.0 is now available on Google Play.

If you want to download Instagramfor iOS just have to click here. However, if you want it for Android click here.

With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail

Schedule emails, SMS or social networking on Android

Have you ever needed to send an email to a specific time and you have been impossible? Like say good morning to your followers on Facebook or Twitter at a certain time? Or, do you want to send an SMS to a contact for her birthday and always forgets you? If you have a phone with Android all this can be solved by using the application Schemes.

With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail

It is difficult to always be available to send a text message (SMS), email messages or through social networks. It is quite possible that the time indicated for this procedure while you forget it. Hence, there are some solutions for these cases. For Android platform there is a free application called Schemes, available for download on Google Play.

Once downloaded the application on the smartphone, you only need to enter the account data to be used. With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail. Once data is entered in the accounts, the application is ready to be used and programmed.

The screen where you create the texts to be sent later, has a clean and very intuitive interface: you only have to choose the services that are going to come into play-you can use the previous four at a time. Place the recipient as if it were an email, write the text, and you program the day and time where you have to leave for your destination.

But you must take into account some limitations such that if the user normally works with different user accounts, both email and social media, it must go in and out to switch accounts; Schemes only works with an account. To get in or out of them, the user must press the “Menu” main settings appear where you can leave the accounts that are being used at that moment.

Also keep in mind that the application will only work with Google email service, GMail; other accounts on services like Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, corporate email, etc. are not supported by this new feature.

Now, what do you get with Schemes? Let the Android device becomes all a work tool and make the user do their work on necessary day and time. On the other hand, if you do not want to have any of the accounts (Twitter or Facebook) abandoned for many hours, or you want to be timely in sending a greeting here you can enter SMS, Schemes can be a good choice. Similarly, in Google Play there are other options like TweetCaster or Buffer which will undertake to the Timeline of active user, through its programming service messages. These two options are also free.

AllShare Control of Samsung is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer

Allshare Control To Control All Samsung Appliances

AllShare Control of Samsung application is a tool to take control from the smartphone or tablet several appliances and this Korean brand to avoid having to carry various controls or interact with them remotely. Features which are in the comfort and the ability to have everything at hand in a comfortable, thanks to the Internet.

AllShare Control of Samsung is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer

It is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer or a machine of the same brand. And what’s better, it’s possible you connected all at once. You only need to connect various devices to the same network access from home. Furthermore, in the case of computer you need a special program or software to create such a link, which you can download for free from the official website of Samsung.

Once the devices are active and connected to the same WiFi network , you only need to start the application AllShare Control from the device. If you are connecting from the same network, automatically detect the other fixtures available , showing on the main screen of the application the list of appliances available . With this, and just click on the desired device to access their options, which obviously vary between them.

Thus, selecting the TV , for example, is shown in a complete terminal screen remote control to have all the functionality in the palm of your hand. Either change your channel , use the touch screen as a mouse to move through options or even keyboard . Something similar happens if you select the unit air conditioner , where it is possible to regulate the temperature , speed or reduce fan speed , activate the movement of the blades and also establish a schedule of operation.

AllShare Control is a useful tool for the automation of Samsung appliances with WiFi network

More useful is, if anything, the possibility of the casting from the lounge. And it is also accessible to the washer with this application and set the type of wash program and even to set a schedule . A great utility to find the laundry done nothing but get home. Finally there are the possibilities of the computer, which is required to be an Windows PC. Thus, from the application program to launch Windows Media Player to view videos and movies on your phone that are stored on your computer. In addition, you can run programs like PowerPoint , access the folders , start Internet Explorer or use the keyboard.

In short, AllShare Control is a useful tool for the automation of Samsung appliances with WiFi network. One extra point is that some skills in this application also allows distance, ie, away from home, with a connection to the external Internet, controlling the air conditioner or washing machine from work, for example. You can download the application AllShare Control for free through Samsung Apps and in Google Play.

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation

Facebook Could Present Its Own User Interface For Android Phones

On April 4, Facebook will teach something new related to the operating system of Google, Android. For some time, it has been rumored on several occasions that the company Mark Zuckerberg was thinking to launch its own smartphone market. However, in the event that the company is expected to show social network a new user interface for green android mobile platform.

The great social network Facebook being left behind. He knows that the mobile terminals are a great springboard to pair this platform, and more, if it is the most used operating system worldwide with more than 80 percent of the market share. Moreover, it is not the first time he has worked with some mark in the industry, as is the case with HTC.

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation, which can be the slogan: “Come see our new home on Android.” Hence, the speculation has not been long in coming and is betting on a new user custom interface-layer that would be based on Android.

However, there are others who are favoring the presentation of its own smartphone market and compete with the big boys. Mind you, it would not be the only company that would start in this market: Amazon has also confirmed that this year they will come with a smart phone and could have as its main argument great service platform today, and enjoy the different tablets.

Still, the proposal would be the most logical one: an interface based on the services it offers full integration with Facebook and all. Also, the website TechCrunch doesn’t not ruled out the possibility that during the event next Thursday, a new smartphone made an appearance. And, the Taiwanese HTC could have much to do in this regard.

On the other hand, it has also considered the possibility that it is a single mode application launcher as those already in the Google Play store. But again TechCrunch believes that the scope of this paper intends to go further. And that goal would certainly be able to achieve the release of its own terminal. Yes, present your operating system is the first step.

But what do you especially should not do Facebook with this release? Perhaps most important would be to have a fully functional phone with green android platform and don not restrict the installation of third party applications. This is something that will surely not get the phone to launch Amazon along this year, the company’s practice is to present a modified version on their computers, which only rotates about its services. Now, all is conjecture and Facebook reveal all the mystery in a few days. What is clear is that the company will bet for a more technological social life.

Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards

How to Enable Google Now on Samsung Galaxy S3

Google Now is a wizard that makes the smart phone is a bit smarter. Its value lies in the way it connects the functions and applications you have installed on your phone to suggest, through cards that arise between notifications, information that may be of interest to the user. Moreover, this function operates indiscriminately through written queries, using voice commands or directly providing information with reference citations in the calendars. It is, as it were, a virtual secretary who helps you from the mobile.

Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards

This feature is available from Android version 4.1. That is why users of Samsung Galaxy S3 who have updated the system to this edition, can enjoy a service. On the other hand, it involves a number of considerations, which will be displayed after it has become clear how to turn Google Now. In essence, Google Now thrives on two things: the user’s search history and geographical position. That is why, for starters, you have to have both options enabled. Go to System Settings menu and look for the section on location services. You should keep GPS and Location and Google search options turned on. If you also do with the box of Use networks, the systems will be even more precise.

Once done, go to the home screen. It is more than likely that after the upgrade to Android 4.1, the Samsung Galaxy S3 have installed a floating window (widget) that displays a Google search bar, which shows the small icon on the microphone to use voice commands. Whether open the application using this search via keyboard or voice, you will have access to Google Now internal settings. With the application of open searches, click on the left capacitive button, which usually employ to check the options available to any application and select Settings.

After that, click on Google Now. Simply press on the touch spring on top right for Google Now. Since then, go one by one setting each of the parameters you want to identify this feature as part of the customization available. Since then, Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards.

For example, if you look for a restaurant on Google and you have one in particular, Google Now could interpret that come to him. Thus, as collate the information provided by the company, it will integrate location data automatically establishment and give a card with the route to get there either by car, foot or public transport, and the estimated to plot the distance under a series of conditions and the time to do so. Similarly, if you write down appointments on the calendar, and as long as this is in sync with Google Calendar, this unique virtual secretary will provide useful information in the face of what you had scored.

This service, which is so attractive, as you can see, has a number of drawbacks. For starters, the ongoing process of continuous data and networks recurrence location and make online traffic of Google Now Samsung Galaxy S3 battery rush abruptly after service activation. Logically, the more complete the customization of this function will suffer more effective autonomy. It is something to consider if you have felt the user predicts an intense day of work with your terminal.

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On the other hand, there is the issue of privacy. Once activated Google Now, the company will be storing every move you made with the phone. And you mean not only the location data to GPS: they are also linked to the online search history and calendar data. The discussion of privacy services that use the Internet and the cloud are another matter, and did not discover the Mediterranean by tabling this issue when talking about Google Now. However, it is important to consider this matter, and that if you disable Google Now, the recorded history up to that point will not be removed.