Schedule emails, SMS or social networking on Android

With Schemes, the client can send messages through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or via e-mail service, Gmail

Have you ever needed to send an email to a specific time and you have been impossible? Like say good morning to your followers on Facebook or Twitter at a certain time? Or, do you want to send an SMS… Continue Reading

Allshare Control To Control All Samsung Appliances

AllShare Control of Samsung is an application that creates a link between a Samsung smartphone or tablet, and a Samsung TV, a system of Samsung air conditioners a computer

AllShare Control of Samsung application is a tool to take control from the smartphone or tablet several appliances and this Korean brand to avoid having to carry various controls or interact with them remotely. Features which are in the comfort… Continue Reading

Facebook Could Present Its Own User Interface For Android Phones

April 4 plans was made known to the relevant specialized media sending invitation

On April 4, Facebook will teach something new related to the operating system of Google, Android. For some time, it has been rumored on several occasions that the company Mark Zuckerberg was thinking to launch its own smartphone market. However,… Continue Reading

How to Enable Google Now on Samsung Galaxy S3

Google Now go noting entire web search history, and on Google Maps, for suggesting to the user information in the form of cards

Google Now is a wizard that makes the smart phone is a bit smarter. Its value lies in the way it connects the functions and applications you have installed on your phone to suggest, through cards that arise between notifications,… Continue Reading