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Samsung Galaxy S3 will have 50 GB of free space on Dropbox

Samsung Galaxy S3 will have 50 GB of free space on Dropbox

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is surprising since the presentation last night. Besides all the potential it has shown, the accessories market and all the new features. Samsung and Dropbox have teamed up to offer new galaxy mobile users of the company a lot of free space in the online storage service, up to 50 GB.

The most powerful mobile is undoubtedly the new Samsung Galaxy S3, the next wonder of the Korean for the year 2012. Its predecessor and garnered millions of sales worldwide, reaching more than 10 million units sold. This new model has all the ingredients to be the next super-company sales. And you will get with it, free-format from the 29th May at a price of 700 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will have 50 GB of free space on Dropbox

Samsung hid a secret that users will appreciate, especially if they are of those who need lots of space to store and want to have all your files available at all times. To do this, one of the most recommended is to use Dropbox, the most popular service at the time. Also, Samsung and the company behind the service have agreed: give away, for two years, a large space to store everything in the service, more specifically up to 50 GB. After these two years, the user should pay 100 euros per year if you want to conserve space.

But over the past two years, 50 gigabytes go far. Dropbox is an application-free, which can be downloaded from Google Play, the new Google app store. Once installed on the Samsung Galaxy S3, the user will be able to access and upload all types of material. Of course, in order to download or upload files, it is always necessary to have an Internet connection, either via WiFi hotspots or through 3G networks.

On the other hand, another idea would be to have the whole discography available whenever the user from anywhere. If you are a student, you can access all documents at any time. Dropbox and Galaxy S3 have free will facilitate the terminal memory as possible. We recall that, in addition to a MicroSD card slot up to 64 GB, the Advanced Mobile is available in three versions: 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Finally, we also remember that Google recently presented the Google Drive service to compete directly with Dropbox. This feature provides the user up to five GB free. Of course, you can always ask for more space fee.