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How to prolong battery life of smartphone

The battery life of your smartphone as well as that of any battery that equips your devices, unfortunately, is not infinite. Often the problem arises of how to make it last time, but the solutions sometimes create more harm than good. An important concept is that modern batteries have no memory effect, it is useless to make them fully discharge and then load them up, rather it is a habit you need to look up, because it leads to two negative consequences: the accumulation of complete cycles of the battery and the risk of rupture of the battery, see to better analyze these concepts.
Help longer battery life of your smartphone
Each lithium battery is guaranteed by the manufacturer for a number of cycles, on average around 300-500 although thanks to the latest technology this number is increasing slightly. This means that after 500 charge-discharge cycles of full battery capacity of your mobile phone will be very limited compared to what had originally. A complete cycle can be achieved through partial discharge, for example, if you arrive in the evening with 75% of battery (having consumed 25%) it takes 4 days for a complete cycle. In contrast to fully discharge the battery every day is to shorten the life of a cycle each time. Continue reading